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I have a wonderful student and the parents are fantastic.   They are very patient with me and understanding, which I appreciate. However the progress of the student is evolving. Certain disabilities have been uncovered that the parents didn't really know she had. This causing me to re-evaluate my teaching on a weekly basis.    This poses an interesting question. What do you do when you hit a block in the road?   I think the most important thing you can do is to communicate with the parents of said child. Often times, we think of tutors and parents as different entities. We don't do that at school though. That's why there are conferences. Parents and teachers work together to give the child the best educational support possible. So why would tutoring be any different?   I constantly work with the parents of my student. When the student is tested, they have a meeting with me. When there are things going on with the school, they... read more

Being a tutor means focusing your very best to guide, to encourage, and to praise the students being tutored. It may take a little time or a lot of time, although it can be done. It can also be said that parents need encouragement as well. Oftentimes, while they reach out to tutors for help, they express their frustration one way or another, but you may hear it directly or indirectly. The result can be rather devastating for the students themselves. Thus, parental encouragement is just as important to focus on as it is with the students themselves. If the mindset of the parents and the students is positive, the attitude and the ability to focus will be much better.   Here's an example. A parent called me and said that it is too late to possibly change her son's grade. I suggested that I should come to their home to work with him. The result was he earned a B+ on a major final exam!

With the technological push drowning us with zillions of interactive make-life-easy options, people are loading up on technology like sugar during WWII! Kids have Wii's, iPads, smartphones, 4G connections, Kindles, and more. And that's at home! Many schools have joined Mission Technology in an effort to help children remain engaged in the classroom amidst our changing world. People think if they have the latest technology, they're the 'best on the block'! People believe that technology helps make reading and math easier for kids and communication easier for adults (which means gossip). People believe that if their HDTV streams Netflix movies while they check their online dating account using their ipad, and upload pictures using their smartphone, they've hit the mother load! While others allow their little ones to paint, sans the paint and the teens get to facebook and tweet and instagram on their smartphones until they fall asleep! Here's the truth. Unbalanced technology... read more

I have worked with students who had difficulty learning math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) for years.  Let's face it, it's boring to sit and learn facts, especially with flashcards!  I remember sitting night after night with my mother, her flashing the problems to me over and over and they just wouldn't stick!  I would cry and get so frustrated and I just wanted it to be OVER!   You don't have to do that to your children.  Research states that the best way to teach these skills is through games.  There are a variety of math websites on the internet that can help your child learn their facts by playing fairly easy games.  Sometimes they are more challenging and time your child if they are a bit more advanced, or they initially teach them a fact family at one time.  Either way, playing games on a safe website is a much more effective way than using flashcards.  I can recommend some to you if you email me... read more

Parents need to play an active role in their child’s education and future. Higher level courses in any subject assume that students know information from the prerequisite courses. Thus it is important for your child to know the basic concepts well from the elementary school courses before he or she can take higher level courses and succeed in middle school. Same logic applies to courses in middle school, high school, and college. So parents need to be constantly watching their children throughout their school years. Early intervention is crucial to your child's academic success. As a parent, you need to check your child’s homework and grades from time to time and act if you see your child struggling. Most of the schools give online access to parents for data about their children. It is important to get login id and password from school office at the beginning of the school year and keep on top of your child’s homework assignments, grades, attendance and teacher comments. You need... read more

Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten? It seems like every state, school and teacher wants different skills from your preschooler! There are different areas of development that parents need to think about before they answer this question. The first is cognitive, which some people think is the only area of development. They must know the letters of their name, count to 10 and name 8 colors. The next area is motor development. Children should be able to write their first name, cut out a circle and jump with both feet. Next area is social development. Children should have at least one friendship, follow rules and routines. The next area is their self help skills. They should be able to take care of all bathroom needs, be independent from parents and take care of their belongings. This is just a guideline and if you are asking this question then it is better to be cautious. Children start school at 4,5 and 6 years of age. All develop at different rates. Some may have special needs... read more

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