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As this current 2011-2012 school year is rapidly drawing to a close, it is instructive to reflect on how tutor preparedness, particularly when having dealt with long-term clients, has proven to be highly beneficial. On numerous occasions, having had at hand backup textbooks, lecture notes, assorted visuals, test banks, and even graph paper has enabled students to have more effectively mastered challenging concepts. For example, students have found themselves solving additional chemistry problems ranging from levels 1 through 5 in difficulty from a college-level test compendium and in preparation for upcoming semester AP Chemistry exams. In addition, if students have had no current material to cover at a session, the next chapter (many times from a college text) in the course syllabus was previewed and appropriate problems were attempted. Yes, as has been noted in a previous blog post, both student AND tutor preparedness at EVERY session are required for enhanced student... read more

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