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Teleconferencing has really taken off in recent years in a positive way in just about every field of business you can think of, even in medicine. I am actually surprised that with online tutoring being around for quite some time more people have not caught on to how advantageous it is to get 1-on-1 virtual help in academics can truly be. Here are 7 benefits you can experience with Online Tutoring: 1. Availability Geography isn’t a limitation for online tutors, and neither, generally, is time. If you’ve ever tried to deal with the restrictions of finding a tutor who is local, proficient in the subject you need help in, can provide good assessments and progress reporting, and can meet according to your schedule, you should be able to appreciate this immediately.  2. Selection When searching for online tutors you are much more likely to have a wider selection to choose from, which allows you to be more discerning. In addition, the broader selection also... read more

I recently had the experience of arranging to meet a new client's high-school student for their first time using online tutoring with me. We had already exchanged messages on the platform we intended to use in an attempt to ensure everything was ready for that night's session when the student would be ready.   However, we encountered some problems!  Although we were both logged into the video-conferencing application, and had earlier exchanged IMs through the application, neither of us appeared to be online to the other! After trying the usual restart-the application, restart-the-machine first trouble-shooting steps, to no avail I asked the client to try checking their application for any available updates.  Well, evidently there must have been some updates that hadn't run for quite some time (or perhaps an antivirus program or firewall interfered with the update process, or perhaps the operating system was out-of-date too, or ... could have been any number of... read more

Online tutoring is definitely a great thing not only to take, but to teach. It allows you to be flexible with your schedule, you don't have to leave your home, and you save money on gas! However, there can be some downsides to online tutoring.  If you live with family, there can be distractions and background noise You may not be technologically savvy You may find some students would prefer tutoring in a face-to-face setting Even despite these setbacks, WyzAnt's online tutoring platform is an amazing way to interact with students. Here are some solutions to these issues: Make sure you have a designated "tutoring room" or quiet time during tutoring hours. Living with family, especially children, can be difficult. However, letting others know that you need silence, or having a designated room where there is little to no family traffic can help improve the quality of the session. Even if you are not technologically savvy, WyzAnt offers a... read more

Hi Everyone!      I am very excited to be stepping into the world of online tutoring.  I am hoping to connect with parents who sincerely want to help their child improve and grow.  It is such a pleasure to see it all happen and knowing in some small way I have helped is a great feeling.   Knowing how kids, and parents, feel about math, I plan to make my tutoring sessions a combination of skills development, confidence building, and hands-on learning.  Thats right hands-on learning!  This is super easy, especially if you have pretzels, graham crackers or even bubble gum around the house... after all we can pretty much make math out of anything.   I also want parents to know I am glad to provide insights and advice when they are looking to help their child.  Sometimes a teacher knows a few tricks that parents can use to help make life easier at home.  

Proficient tutoring for good success is packaged to help students learn the concepts and techniques required to improve grades, reasoning tests and achieve good success in life endeavors. For the students who are preparing to pass exams, write thesis and dissertations must be ready to face challenges and go beyond the normal and old school techniques. To others who regard the subject to be so difficult and confusing must change their mind set towards possibility with a step by step approach to solving problems. The goal of my proficient tutoring is to help students improves their grade levels, pass exams in flying colors and defend thesis/dissertations with confidence. A proficient tutoring for good success provides the best skills and techniques to students so that, they can understand better on how to solve problems through a step by step approach at minimum cost towards a sustainable development in Education. The goal of proficient tutoring can be achieved with the... read more

I just tutored my very first Online tutoring session.   No, please don't get me wrong.  I've done plenty of tutoring!   I've tutored 14 and 16 hour-days straight helping students prepare for their final exams, and I've gained, in my best reasonable approximation, well over 10,000 hours of experience tutoring.  Because I used to do it full time!  And now I am again. Part-time full-time.  :)   However, I had never wanted to leap that big hurdle of creating my own platform or set-up to do online tutoring!  it just felt like so much to trouble-shoot and research, and... frankly, as a working mother with 3 children and volunteer positions, it just had never felt like the direction to be putting my time!   Maybe it would have been worth it in the end.  I don't know.   But I am so happy!!  Because WyzAnt now offers a great online tutoring platform.  (Plus, they do the majority of my marketing... read more

Recently I voted "other" on the tutor poll asking if I would like an "instant booking option" for students to see my available time and instantly book an appointment right on my calendar. I would love such an option however I do have one concern. Currently the availability calendar is pretty broad. I would need the ability to set specific times that I am available for instant booking and other times that I am available by appointment. I do both online and face to face tutoring at present and the travel times could possibly cause problems with the instant booking. 

WyzAnt allows you to use their custom-built tutoring platform for online lessons. I have found this far superior to Skype, and comparable to many commercial, expensive web meeting platforms, and it's specifically designed for tutoring. While there are many features, and WyzAnt's materials cover them extensively, I want to point out something I've used that has greatly benefited my own use and, I hope, the experience of my students.    I own a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, which I bought to annotate screencasts for a statistics app that I'm developing. A use case I didn't intend was online tutoring. WyzAnt's platform has a whiteboard with the ability to create objects, drop in files, add text, even Wolfram|Alpha output, to a screen both parties can see. However, the freehand drawing function looks very ugly if used with a mouse: it resembles a child's chicken scratch. Not exactly the professional look you want as a tutor.    Using a graphics tablet... read more

I couldn't find any references to this tool in the blogs or forums, so I wanted to put this out there.   I use A Web Whiteboard (AWW) found at for all my online tutoring needs. No download, registration, or install necessary... and it's completely free! It also has zero ads or any other clutter you might associate with any free tool. It appears the developers behind AWW make their money by selling a premium product to those interested in that sort of thing, but I've found the free tool more than enough for my needs.   It has pretty much everything I'm looking for in a whiteboard tool: multiple colors, incredibly simple to invite students to join the board, cross-platform (any student with an internet connection can use it, and it works in every browser, as far as I can tell), and there is an option to save the images you create so you and your students can have material for reference later.   The only conceivable drawback... read more

Many tasks can be completed online without having to be personally present with a tutee. Proofreading and editing essays are examples of online assistance that can be used instead of sitting across the table. Changing word selections and correcting grammatical errors are concrete tasks that can be performed online. Providing word selection suggestions and restructuring paragraphs are two other examples. After a student has provided a first draft of an essay, the second draft can be created entirely online in partnership with the tutee during real time using his/her cell phone and computer. Doing more online tutoring cuts out the commuting times and travel expenses, and there is more flexibility scheduling tutoring sessions. I promote doing more online sessions with my high school and college tutees after our initial session.

The internet is a powerful tool for education, and the use of it within classrooms and without is growing at a ridiculous pace. A year after I graduated from high school, every student there was issued an iPad and the entire campus was made a WiFi hotspot - and somehow they managed to keep their grade and graduation rates the same!   Tutoring also had a huge online presence, and not just YouTube videos! There are tons of resources online, like Khan Academy, a non-profit website that post lessons on topics from Literature to Differential Equations. Tutors also offer personal, one-on-one interaction via mediums like Skype. A lot of it comes down to personal preference for both the tutor and the student; for myself, I can't stand it. Not for classes, and definitely not for tutoring!     Online resources like Khan Academy, Physics Forum and others are useful, and when I was in school I used them frequently. But I found that I spent more time looking for... read more

I often get requests for tutoring that are outside my radius of travel so I am considering offering lessons online. If you have a computer with a camera and a microphone then this might work for you. Please contact me for more information.  Go to  

Online tutoring is a great option for families to have on-demand access to help.  After a long day of work and school, sometimes having to go out again to a tutoring session can be very daunting.  Online tutoring allows you to bypass all of the headache and stress and get to the help you need immediately.   Typical online tutoring uses a virtual classroom which includes a whiteboard that allows the tutor and tutee to communicate in real time.  Most virtual classrooms have audio and visual components included and require no additional installation.  The only tools necessary are a computer, internet connection, speakers and microphone (or telephone depending on the connection).   To learn more or if you are interested in online math tutoring contact me, Andrea Hall.    

Online tutoring has one special BONUS which few people think about when seeking out tutoring. The time element is changed and made astoundingly different. Imagine being able to have three 20 minutes sessions over the course of one afternoon instead of a one hour slotting. What if your tutor could go over the subject for 30 minutes, have you start working and come back to you in an hour to check in and review questions. Working with your tutor online allows you to schedule increments of time. The time allocation difference is valuable for all types of students. -Some students need a longer period of time to concentrate/practice. -Some students would like an explanation and then try some independent work with a check in. -Some students can squeeze in 1/2 hour before a piano lesson and then 1/2 hour after dinner. -When students are young, 1 hour can be far too long. I discuss these options with parents when explaining the value of on-line tutoring. Manipulating... read more

Hello,    Recently, I had the opportunity to tutor a student through Skype.  I was such a great experience, I wanted to try to promote more online tutoring sessions with students.  I have been looking around and researching different online tutoring platforms that would allow more interaction between myself and my students.  I don't feel like I am finding exactly what I need.      This is really a two part Blog      A) Does anyone have any experience with tutoring online and could suggest any online platforms that are really conducive to student learning?     B) I find that there is a lot of resistance to online tutoring, do you have any suggestions for getting students more on board with online tutoring?  

First, let me agree that online tutoring can be much more difficult to do well than in-person tutoring. To tutor online a tutor must have much more skill in evaluating students, and more skill in presenting the material. In addition, in comparison with in-person tutoring, online tutoring takes considerably more time.  I will deal with these factors in the discussion below. There are several factors to consider in deciding to use an online tutoring solution. 1. Does the tutor's communication solution work for you? Does the tutor offer you a free session so that you can evaluate the tutor's skill over the internet? Even if your prospective tutor is very experienced in the internet medium, his/her solution may not be appropriate for you and you need to know before you make a commitment. Perhaps you don't have the right equipment or you are behind an internet firewall that prevents the tutor from communicating effectively with you. 2. How well does... read more

What are the benefits of a great online learning program with a qualified educator? • Collaboration: As an instructor, I can now display documents in real time • Global: Conduct a meeting anywhere, at any time • Total Interaction: Interact with all participants in a well-constructed online meeting room • Control: Control can be passed to any participant that would like to conduct their own workshop or seminar, allowing the presenter to guide the navigation • Chat: Send chat messages to all participants or another instructor • Share Software Info Our program allows the instructor to demonstrate and share control of any software application with others in an interactive meeting • Document Access Instructors provide access to documents, PDF files, slides and other resources • Support Friendly and knowledgeable support from a qualified educator. • Password Protection Offers password protection and encryption to protect sensitive data

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