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When I think about learning English as a second language, there are several tools I like to use. Some of them are linked with vocabulary acquisition, some of them are related to grammar, some of them are for writing.   I usually browse the internet whenever I need help, but we need to be really careful with the information we find online; some of them may be wrong.   The website I browse the most and refer to all of the students I see at the writing center is the Purdue Owl. This site provides grammar, style, and format help. I usually use this site to help writers with their research paper, since it provides very accurate citation  explanations from both APA and MLA format. This website also provides grammar rules, including punctuation rules. Purdue Owl is a modern reference book. For vocabulary and reading I usually use Voa News - Learning English. This website provides current news in two levels of English and you will also have the... read more

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