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I am a repeat test taker. I took my exam prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. When I got my Candidate Performance Report and read that I failed the NCLEX, I felt devastated. I am an accelerated student who went straight into a Nursing PhD from my BSN program, and I failed the NCELX. I cried my eyes out. It took me 2 months to even think about the NCLEX again because I was so upset with myself for 1) not studying more and 2) for scheduling my exam too soon after BSN graduation. My advisor reached out to find me a tutor, someone to guide me as I prepared for the NCLEX again. I reached out to all the contacts she gave me but no one was as warm and welcoming as Akeeka. Upon receiving her initial email, I knew she was the best fit for me. Even during our first meeting, all I could think was how much better I felt just by talking to her. Akeeka’s words inspired and motivated me to push through the last 3 weeks before my exam. And that’s what I did. Her curriculum is definitely intense... read more

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