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Are you a new student to WYZAnt? I am sure you may have a lot of questions, as well as some hesitations. The most common question I receive when working with new students is how does this program work. Some tutors may have different policies and procedures, but here is a brief overview of how I work with my students.   First, I will answer any and all of your questions as quickly as possible via email. Once payment information has been entered we can exchange phone numbers and speak over the phone in greater detail about your concerns and expectations for tutoring. Next, we can set-up our first tutoring session at a public library or coffee shop. Public locations are a great neutral meeting spot. Also, if you choose to meet at a library these locations are generally quiet and offer a wealth of resources to assist with student learning. I normally travel within 15 miles of Amelia, OH but there are times where I will make exceptions to meet at a location closer to your home... read more

Meeting and tutoring new students comes with some challenges and also a sense of excitement. It is important to speak with the student initially to meet them, learn about their academic goals, and gain a sense of their expectations for the tutoring session. This introduction, however, shouldn't take more than five minutes, as the student's and your time is valuable. Once you complete the lesson, I find it is helpful to go over with the student a projected schedule of when and where they would like to meet next- and also the homework that they should prepare for the next meeting. 

Hi all,     So I've reached capacity again this year on students, but I'm trying something new.  I've created a Waiting List rather than hiding my profile.   I'm curious if I'll have a number of students waiting for the same subjects, which will allow me to come up with new ways to help everyone.  Perhaps if I have several students uptown (or wherever) I will be able to offer a group lesson that any/everybody working on the same subjects can attend and help out people on the waiting list. If you're looking to get inspired about Chemistry, I recommend you check out the very cool reactions in this video:   Or if you're a student (or a parent) trying to convince yourself (or your child) about the importance of working hard at Math & Science, I recommend checking out these infographics:   Hope... read more

When you are preparing to go meet your new tutor for the first time, remember the tutor is just as excited to meet you too! To make the most of everyone’s time, remember a few simple things: Everyone will be a bit nervous! It is everyone’s first time meeting each other. The younger your child is, the higher the chance they will be shy or possibly cry. Schedule- Try to come prepared with a schedule/calendar of when you can meet us on a regular basis. At the end of our first session we will be ready to schedule our next session, we request that you are too! Neutral Territory-Since it your first session, try meeting at a neutral place like a local library or school. Bring Work Samples- Try to bring samples of what your child is doing in school: classwork, homework, tests, etc.  Anything that the teacher has requested that they need to work on/improve on. We will go over with you the goals and needs of your child at this time. We will design our future lessons... read more

My goal for each student is to tailor instruction to fit his or her individual needs. The quickest way for me to determine those needs is for students to bring writing samples or standardized test results to our first meeting.    TEN USEFUL ITEMS, good for all sessions:   1) a 1-inch binder 2) paper to write on 3) pen or pencil 4) highlighter 5) school writing assignments  6) book for ELA and list of future required books 7) any standardized test prep books you own 8) any handouts or homework your tutor has assigned 9) index cards 10) a desire to learn   If you are well-prepared and eager to broaden your knowledge, each and every session will be a success. Good luck!   Laura C.      

When you choose a tutor, it's important to have a clear set of expectations for them to meet.    Be realistic in those expectations, as your tutor wants you to succeed.  If you start with your tutor at the beginning of a semester or quarter, let them know you're just starting; if you're in the middle of the term, let them know as well.  It helps us understand where you've been and where you're going.   Most instructors will give you a syllabus for their courses; bring this.  Also, bring the textbook(s) that you will be using.  Many times an instructor will follow a different approach to their subject than a given text will be formatted; it's not uncommon, for example, for a math instructor start with chapters 1-5, then to jump ahead to chapters 10-12, and ignore the ones in between.   Keep clear communication.  If you know why you need a tutor (not good at math, having problems with editing essays) let your tutor... read more

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