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Starting a new semester?  Would you like this semester to look differently than previous semesters?  Get ahead of the game.    First, get a calendar or planner.  Use what works for you.  Some students like a print calendar or planner, others like to use an app on their phone or iPad, others feel comfortable with Google calendar.  Whatever you prefer, make sure you use your calendar every day. The first thing to put on your calendar is your schedule.  Actually mark your class times on your calendar.  You might use a different color for each class.  For instance, everything associated with math class might be written or typed in blue, everything for history might be in red, etc.  Using the same color, record any known due dates. Have a paper due in February?  Put it on the calendar.  Know when Spring Break is? Put it on the calendar.  Don't forget to put extra curricular activities, work hours, and tutoring... read more

#1  Get appropriate amount of rest. That is what breaks are for.  Doing something you love for a while will bring your stress levels down and make you more motivated for work after the break is over.   #2 Go over any difficult material that might show up again. I know it is hard, especially if your study material have fried your brains even before the winter break have started.  But, you don't want to be in the same trouble if the material shows up again.  If you had problems with sinθ and cosθ chapter in college geometry, the trigonometry class, that is next semester, is based on them.  Look over old material, reach out for help, figure out a pattern for the work that makes sense.   #3 Look over new material. Buy a book early for a class in a new semester.  Let's say, you skipped Physics in high school, took a lot of life sciences like Biology instead (personal example). You might not know what lies ahead. Prepare... read more

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