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A recent article has been circulating, courtesy : ;   Adblock-Plus is a paid program that claims to remove all online ads from your computer browsing experience.   Now, they are shifting to selling ads through their program to Advertisers.   If this seems backwards, it is!    The marketplace is full of these software programs - some we come across regularly: System Mechanic, DriverUpdates, etc.   Don't install any programs that you don't absolutely need to get your work done - And even for THOSE programs, be sure to buy and download from reputable sources   -Ryan P.  5-Star Rated Tutor in the San Fernando Valley 

Summer is winding down. School is getting ready to start again.   Here’s my advice for finishing summer break and starting the school year:   1) Take time to reflect. 2) Set goals for the future. 3) Build new relationships with influencers. 4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.   1) There’s gold in your past experiences. Grab some time to take deep breath and to reflect on where you’ve come from. If you haven’t done this already, even in these few moments before going back to school, it may be helpful to think back on what you’ve learned from the past school year. This may be a certain topic in school or a piece of knowledge out of school or a life lesson. You can always call on these things as you go forward in your journey.   2) Have some idea of where you want to go next, even if it’s simply a vague notion.   Keep that future idea, or goal ahead of you. For example it could be to make the team... read more

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