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It has been an extremely busy several weeks. My Guitar book is out in print & ebook form. It is doing very well and has now received endorsements from the guitarist on American Idol and The Voice. It has also been reviewed by a number of Nashville recording session musicians and is getting great response. I did quite a lot of arranging in Nov. & Dec. including pieces for orchestra & choir (premiered in Houston), string arrangements for Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area and also McKinney Memorial Church where my "Little Drummer Boy" arrangement was very successful for concerts. I also performed with the McKinney ensembles. Another recent development has been my playing (guitar, co-directing and arranging for the Joshua Experience Big Band. I did a big band version of my song "Moonlit" that they played last Sunday and it went very well. The same arrangement was purchased by a college in Il. for a jazz series concert in Feb. 2014... read more

"As a guitar player, I am always looking for new resources to help me get better at my craft. I have gone through book after book that held some good tips for improving my playing. Some better than others. I have been playing the guitar for 40 years now and still consider myself a rhythm hack. I must confess that I do not spend the time like I should but that is another article. A friend of mine recently released a book titled Guitar Tips - What Every Guitar Player Should Know. I love this guitar manual for a ton of reasons. It's practical, easy to follow and gives some great tips for advancing my playing and understanding of music and the instrument I so love. I have a degree in music but often fail to implement the basics of theory in my arranging of worship music. This book is not so much a "how to play the guitar better" as it is a "how to use your guitar in a band setting". Ric F. is an amazing guitarist, performer, arranger, musician, composer,... read more

My Composition student, Ken (who is also a college music teacher) completed an arrangement for Flute Choir on a Christmas Carol. The piece was played through yesterday with success! The music director ask Ken if he could do another and have both premiered in an upcoming Christmas concert - Congrats Ken!   My international student Melody has scored a video montage and did an excellent job not only in the approach she chose, but also in the execution. Congrats Melody!

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