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Everyone should have a passion for music. Some students I've tutored got to a point where they think that there advanced  players. Its good to interpret music if your own but but to think you know everything about music isn't right. You could always learn from everyone which includes professional musicians. Everyone learns differently and at there own pace. I still learn from professional musicians. I want to be better then I was yesterday.  

I've been through a long journey with music, and have changed my style and genre focus according to what is fun for me. Music is my profession and my passion, so if I'm not absolutely loving it, why bother?   Here are my tips that make my tutoring fun!   1. ASK QUESTIONS! What does my student want to learn? What musicians do they admire? Who do they want to sound like? What songs do they want to cover? Why do they love music so much? This lesson isn't about me, it's about the student. I'm here to help them along on their journey, and give them the skills and reinforcement they need to get there!   2. BE SILLY! Music is personal, and I have experienced musician's shyness myself from time to time. By letting my students know that lesson time is the time to learn, be silly, be yourself, and make mistakes, they can let go of needing to feel "perfect" and just focus on improving! Music isn't about perfection, it's about expression.   3... read more

Hi folks!   So my main forte is teaching piano and voice lessons. I can tutor other subjects but with an already full schedule, I may not respond to you as to prevent not giving you my best on them. However, I do read all messages and requests.   Since I run a small music studio, I will always respond first to piano & voice lesson requests. I also play & sing all manner of performances & record clients   Sincerely, Ms. Jo 

While tutoring is about making sure you learn the material we are discussing, it should always have a balanced amount of learning and fun!  Here are some ways I keep my tutoring sessions a fun place to be: 1. Games - Learning is most successful when it's fun! When applicable, it can be a great change of pace to incorporate a game into the tutoring session.  2. You get to be the teacher - Nothing shows me that you know your information best than when you can teach it to me! On this day we might switch jobs, and you will pretend to be the tutor helping me, your student.  3. Songs - Sometimes the best way to memorize information is to put it in a song. Acronyms, lists of names, dates or even important people can make their way into your favorite song and then you'll never forget that information.  4. Performances - for my music students, we will spend a lot of time working on technical skills to apply to your music making. But some of the... read more

In order to learn how to sing it is important to get to know our body, particularly our respiratory and voice production systems. Just as instrumentalists know the their instrument’s parts and their functions and how to take care of them to prevent damage, singers should also have a good understanding of their instrument, which is our own bodies, in order to use it correctly and keep it functioning in an efficient and healthy manner. Contrary to instrumentalists who, if their instrument gets damaged, can just exchange it for another one, singers do not have that luxury. Using our instrument incorrectly can lead to short-term and long-term damage and some of it might be irreparable. In this series of posts I will talk about the parts that make up the respiratory and voice production systems as well as their functions and how they integrate together to produce sound. I will also touch on the subject of the proper use of the voice and the problems that might arise if one doesn’t sing... read more

Chances are you’re excited about school being out for summer…I couldn’t agree more! School gets so busy towards the end of the year. Testing, sporting events, concerts and other happenings can all take a toll on your child's practice routine. Once the dust settles from the end of school year festivities, kids with a less full calendar of things to do all too often become bored and need some ideas about how to best spend their time.   If you, or your child, are interested in maintaining or increasing music performance skills from the last day of school through the first day of school the most effective approach is through facilitating time spent on task. Of course, continuing music lessons is a great start! Your child’s private music teacher is the best resource for keeping your son/daughter motivated throughout the summer months. S/he should also be able to recommend outside performance opportunities to support your child’s efforts while introducing them to other students... read more

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