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Here are 48 of my favorite math words in 12 groups of 4. Each group has words in it that can be thought of at the same time or are a tool for doing math.   between on over in   each multiply of many   ratio divisions distribution compartments   limit neighborhood proximity boundary   infinite infitesmal mark differentiation   graph width height depth   circle sphere point interval   hyper extra spacetime dimensional   geometry proportion sketch spatial   four table cross squared   target rearrange outcome result   area volume space place   What are your favorite math words? If you aren't sure, search for "mathematical words" and pick a few.

I created this game as a way for kids to have a fun way to practice and remember their multiplication facts. It can be played child against child or child against adult.     Multiplication War   You will need 1 deck of cards with the jokers removed.     Card Value Ace = 1  Jack = 11 Queen = 12 King = 0 Number cards equal the number on the card     Parent/Adult versus child version Divide the deck so both players have an equal number of cards. When you are ready to begin both players put down a card.  The child needs to multiply both numbers correctly within a certain time period. This can be anywhere from 10-30 seconds depending on their skill level. If the child answers it correctly within the time frame, the child keeps both cards. If he/she doesn't the adult gets both cards. The game continues until the adult is out of cards. The object of this... read more

Do your children hate practicing their multiplication facts? If they are like my own children, practicing math facts is "just another chore," boring, or a waste of time to them!  Since I personally don't like to do anything boring, I've gotten creative with how I teach multiplication to my students at school an how I practice with my own children at home.  The transformation in their attitudes about multiplication have been magic!   PLAY GAMES! Using a deck of playing cards, remove all face cards from the deck. Select a number of the week to practice. Flip a card and ask your child to tell the product of the card you flipped with their number of the week.       EX. If their number of the week is 2, and the card you flip is a 7, say,"What is the product  of 2 x 7?"                                                                                                                                                              ... read more

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I updated this blog, but I'd like to give a few tips to parents for helping their kids get ready for multiplication and division.   If you are introducing the concept of multiplication:   Explain to your child that multiplication is an easy way add up the same number   Example: You could take a whole bunch of pencils, let's say 6, and split them up into three groups of two.   Have the child add each of the groups up:   ||     +      ||        +     || 2      +      2         +     2  = 6   Now, explain to the child, that multiplying is taking all the plus signs and replacing it with (x)   To construction the... read more

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