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Recently, after I tutored two of my favorite students to prepare them for upcoming tests in Pre-Algebra and Geometry respectively, I received positive reinforcement for the importance and value of customizing the tutoring approach, information, knowledge transfer, and tutoring style. After the first tutoring session, I was approached by three people as I was waiting for my next student: 1. An elementary school teacher – she complemented me on my knowledge and tutoring style, and asked me for my information to refer students to me for tutoring. 2. A parent seeking a tutor for their daughter – he complimented me on my tutoring style, my patience, and my problem solving ability, He said, “I saw how you tutored him and I want you to tutor my daughter the same way” He booked a tutoring session for the next day. 3. An adult student preparing for a standardized test – she worked at the café, came over and said that she saw me tutoring the student and saw how he was excited... read more

So, how am I different? One difference is my approach to tutoring. Every student receives the following: 1. ASSESSMENT. In depth assessment to determine previous background, and current knowledge, education, skills and abilities. 2. NEEDS ANALYSIS. Each student will have a needs analysis to determine your needs and expectations (not mine). 3. LEARNING STYLE. Lastly, I strive to teach based on each student's learning style. Are you a visual learner? Would you rather have more "hands on" training? Do you need to receive the instruction s-l-o-w-l-y? Would you rather learn in "your order" not mine?" No problem. These are just some of the methods that make my tutoring style different, a way to guarantee that you receive maximize benefit and value from your tutoring experience.

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