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Microsoft Office is suite of programs used around the world for office and school work.  The Office suite includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  One of the advantages of using these programs is that they have a lot of features, and you can use them to create a variety of projects in many different styles and formats.  Another advantage is that many of the shortcuts that work in one program work in the others as well, and they haven't changed from one version to the next.     I use Microsoft Office everyday for my job.  I also tutor students who want to improve their skills in one or more of these programs.  There are hundreds of shortcuts.  Most people don't need to know them all (I don't!), but having a few of these in your back pocket.  Here are five of my everyday favorites; they work equally well in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.  Ctrl+X means:  hold down both Control and X.   Ctrl+X... read more

NEED-TO-KNOW Know How To Add an Email Signature in Microsoft Outlook   Once you’re in MS Outlook: 1. Click on the “File” menu in your top task menu. 2. Click on “Options”. 3. In the dialog box, click on “Mail”. 4. Find and open “Signatures” on the right side of the page. 5. Create your signature by choosing “New” and type a name for it in the text field. * Now you’ll create the signature you want displayed at the bottom of your emails. You can personalize fonts, insert images and provide hyperlinks (company logos, website URLs, etc.)   Items You May Want to Consider Including: - Name - Job Title, Department - Office Phone, Fax Number - Company Name, Location - Logo or Website Link for the Company   Once you've finished & saved your signature, you can select which emails you'd like it to be automatically added to. It can be set to populate on every email sent from your Outlook account or you... read more

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. (Aristotle) This quote provokes me never to accept the status quo and always challenge assumptions. It is the thought that through education we never stop learning or seeking after truth and knowledge.

There is still a segment of the population that has difficulty with computers or “How to Use”: a software program, the computer as a tool, or taming the beast they see on their desk at work. The first thing I say to comfort my students is that they are not going to break their computer by doing something “silly”. They may get a garbage (or unexpected) response from the program, but that is simply because computers are machines that need to be told what to do. True, computers are excellent at doing things, but computers do not have the level of understanding how to read our minds and do what we want the computer to do. This perceived “dumbness” on the part of the computer presents challenges to even the best tutor. Why, because humans all have different learning styles and: 1. Most students learn differently than you do. 2. Each student learns differently from other students. 3. No one teaching method will effectively reach all students. 4. A tutor cannot address... read more

The new school year beckons - be it middle or high school, college or post graduate study. Fall college visits, applications and essays are also just around the corner. Get a jump on what you or your child may need in terms of support for specific academic subjects, computer skills, standardized tests (SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GRE, etc.). I look forward to continuing my track record of success with students to assist them in maximizing their potential and achievements. David

Welcome to my WyzAnt Blog! In this post I am sharing additional feedback received by professionals with whom I worked in the past. “Working with Mr. Rodriguez was quite enjoyable. He was professional at all times and his work with the students was unmatched at the time by anyone else here. His knowledge was reflected in how the students embraced him. He was here every day even when the students were not. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez because he embodies what an Instructor should be.” -- February 18, 2011 Christopher J., Help Desk Supervisor, Remington College “Abnel is a talented teacher who is willing to give his time and expertise freely to his Students and fellow Instructors. When I started at Remington, Abnel graciously showed me how to take full advantage of the teaching tools available at the college. He saved me many hours of potentially frustrating work. He is very enthusiastic, energetic, and organized in everything he does. I miss his passion around the... read more

I consider myself lucky in having been in the workforce at the right time to learn about personal computers as they moved into the work place and came into common usage. I was able to learn computer technology as it was developing. Today's kids and young adults have grown up with computers, so computer use and terminology is second nature to them. Unfortunately, many of these young people have little if any patience, sympathy, or understanding of the challenge to seniors just starting to learn and use computers. That's where tutors like me come in. I specialize in working with seniors. I try not to overwhelm them. I work with them on the specific things they need and want to learn. They don't want to be bothered with stuff they won't use. I work with them in a session as long as they feel like they are learning something and stop when their grey cells start feeling a bit fuzzy. I'm patient and don't mind repeating information a few times when needed. I understand that between learning... read more

Welcome to my blog, I'm so pleased that you're interested in hiring me as your tutor, did you know that our future lies ahead of us, but without the proper education, how? Can we succeed in the goals that we've set for ourselves? That's why education plays an important role in my life and the lives of those, whom I come in contact with during my daily journals in the surrounding Los Angels County area. My goal is to provide the best and beyond when it comes to sharing my skills or knowledge with a student, I value your future and the ability for you to be well equipped and educated in whatever subject matter I'm going to engage in teaching you about. Therefore, I welcome you to contact me by e-mail and let me know if there's anyway I can serve your tutoring needs. I have been in the field of education and tutoring for more than 4 years, teaching on such subjects such as Basic Math, Language Arts, Computer training skills in the areas of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,... read more

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the WyzAnt tutoring team! What a wonderful way to connect students with tutors. Today is my first day and I do not yet have any students. So, come and get your time slots before my schedule is full ... From Preschool to College (and beyond), I can supply your tutoring needs. Whether you need a refresher course for review, a crash course for a test, weekly help with homework, or just need to learn a new subject ... I can help! So, contact me, and "Let's get some work done!" -Laura

I just wanted to introduce myself to my potential students. I have been in the food service industry for the past 27 years, 13 of them as an Executive Chef. I currently oversee a multi-million dollar facility and a team of over 75 hourly food service workers. I attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon, and am currently finishing up my bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix. I also own an internet franchise, so my time is well used. I have the expertise and "real life" experience to assist you in your business, cooking or management goals. Send me an email and let me know what I can do for you. Having held a vocational certificate for secondary education, I know what it takes to make a student successful, and I am here to provide that additional boost needed to accomplish your goals.

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