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I offer every student and/or every parent to rate my lessons. As a result, quality of my lessons is not that hard to guess. I offer the most respectful attitude to my clients. The result of that attitude is a very positive feedback. I like to tutor people of any age. The result of that is a wide range of student from various communities. I love to explain and converse with my clients instead of telling them what to do. The result is they want me back. I do not like procrastinators. The result is there is no blame game.

Microsoft Office is suite of programs used around the world for office and school work.  The Office suite includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  One of the advantages of using these programs is that they have a lot of features, and you can use them to create a variety of projects in many different styles and formats.  Another advantage is that many of the shortcuts that work in one program work in the others as well, and they haven't changed from one version to the next.     I use Microsoft Office everyday for my job.  I also tutor students who want to improve their skills in one or more of these programs.  There are hundreds of shortcuts.  Most people don't need to know them all (I don't!), but having a few of these in your back pocket.  Here are five of my everyday favorites; they work equally well in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.  Ctrl+X means:  hold down both Control and X.   Ctrl+X... read more

If you want to draw a perfect circle, square, triangle, etc., there's a keyboard shortcut that makes it easy! Navigate to the Microsoft Office application you want to use - we'll use PowerPoint for this example. On the Insert ribbon, click Shapes, then click on the shape you want ("oval," for example). If you're using an Office 2003 or earlier application, use the Insert menu. Click on the slide and hold down the mouse button. Press SHIFT and then drag the mouse down and to the right. When the shape is as large as you want it, release the mouse button. NOTES If you want to draw an oval or rectangle (as opposed to a perfect circle or perfect square), just don't hold down the SHIFT key when dragging. This works for 2-dimensional shapes, like circles, squares, triangles, stars, trapezoids, etc. (as opposed to lines, which are 1-dimensional).

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