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Ever had to figure out the total amounts received from all of your eBay sales in a year? Or when you should stock up your inventory for a list of product based on a 90-day cycle? Or simply converting an Excel date serial number to its appropriate date form? Here are a few useful formulas for the next time you encounter these and other similar challenges.   First of all, imagine that you have a list of dates that you want to copy from another document into an Excel spreadsheet. You do your usual right-click + copy (or Ctrl + C), shift over to Excel, and right-click + paste (or Ctrl + V); and behold...a list of serial numbers came into view.   But I copied a list of dates, not serial numbers. You thought to yourself. How do I fix this?   The answer to this is quite simple: Highlight the column where the data resides (i.e. Click on the column header "C" if the serial numbers are pasted into column C), go to the Home... read more

Hi everyone!   I have tutored students who take this class many times.  It is a very confusing class and teaches old concepts rarely used in business anymore, as the internet has changed how we use Excel and other data management tools. Further, it does not teach definitions of terms so it becomes difficult to look for information online.   I wanted to give some definitions here that will help you at least search for help online: In Excel, things that start with = are called "formulas". A bunch of characters together are called a "string". Strings can have spaces and punctuation. If you cut off a piece of a string (which is done using the LEFT, RIGHT, and MID formulas), that is called "parsing a string". An "array" is a list of numbers or cells. Arrays have have a : in them, and mean STARTING CELL:ENDING CELL (like A1:A20). Each formula has a name, and starts with = and the name, then has... read more

In this Blog, you'll learn five Excel tips to improve speed and accuracy: Excel Help Tip #1. Keyboard shortcuts: why breaking up with your mouse might be a good thing to do Excel Help Tip #2. How to wrangle worksheets without frustration Excel Help Tip #3. Ways to type less and get more done with AutoFill, AutoCorrect and Custom Lists Excel Help Tip #4. How to repeat success every time using Templates Excel Help Tip #5. Ways to troubleshoot and dissect formulas to understand what's really going on With this Microsoft Excel Help summary, you can improve your skills, boost productivity and advance your career-no matter which version of Excel you use or your level of experience. I hope this help you, and if you have any question please contact me for more Tips.

I work for a Tag and Title Office and deal with numbers and stats all of the time.  One of my statistics files is set up so people who don't understand Excel at all can make entries into just a few cells throughout and the year, and at year end, I have dozens of ways to analyze productivity, accuracy, missed opportunity to serve customers and comparison one location's productivity to another location that offers the same service.  You can design a complicated sheet, but the people who make the entries don't have to understand anything about Excel.

Did you know you can use Excel to let people to sign up for an event?  I use it every year for the staff Christmas party.  I email employees a link...they enter their information like whether or not they plan to bring a guest or what menu item they choose...and when they complete the form, their response comes back to you in email form.  You can have people submit one or two bits of information or hundreds--there's no difference to Excel.  And you can instruct Excel not to send their RSVP unless they fill in all the blanks.  Pretty cool.

You can generate email reminders based on almost any condition you can think of.  I use it at work to automatically open up at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays...check to see if employees' notary commissions are current...and send emails to those who are within 90 days or needing to renew.  Imagine the uses.  If you track anything and want to remind others it's time to take action, Excel has you covered.

Of course Excel lets you keep track of your members, their information, if their dues are current and how much they owe.  But did you know that in tandem with Outlook, you can get Excel to send your members email reminders about how much they owe?  Or you can thank them for paying promptly.  It's cool and easy using the VBA programming language that is a standard part of Excal.

If you are using Excel 2007 or newer, did you know there's a way to save your files that makes them a fraction of the size?  When you save the file, choose the .xlsb format, and as long as the file is only intended to be opened in Excel (as opposed to generic spreadsheets), you lose no functionality and cut the size way down.  If you are the only one who uses your files, there is no reason NOT to use the .xlsb format.

From business school to being in the corporate world for over 15 years, I've observed that majority of people 'feel' that they should be better with Microsoft Excel but are not.  Nevertheless, they never take the time to learn even the basics of this software and are struggling for hours with some simple work that should take them a couple of minutes to complete.    For most people, all it takes is some simple demonstration of the ease of the program and I've seen dramatic improvements in a very short amount of time.  If you have ever felt this way, there are ways to get better and more comfortable.  I welcome comments and questions regarding getting more comfortable with Excel.     

Microsoft Office is suite of programs used around the world for office and school work.  The Office suite includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  One of the advantages of using these programs is that they have a lot of features, and you can use them to create a variety of projects in many different styles and formats.  Another advantage is that many of the shortcuts that work in one program work in the others as well, and they haven't changed from one version to the next.     I use Microsoft Office everyday for my job.  I also tutor students who want to improve their skills in one or more of these programs.  There are hundreds of shortcuts.  Most people don't need to know them all (I don't!), but having a few of these in your back pocket.  Here are five of my everyday favorites; they work equally well in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.  Ctrl+X means:  hold down both Control and X.   Ctrl+X... read more

Through the years, I have seen numerous reports that provided the reader with no useable information. Why you may ask? Because the report creator didn't understand the difference between data and information. Data is a number; an answer; a disparate answer without focus or label. An example could be 7, apple, The Oscars. Great, what does 7 mean? I know what an apple is, but what is the context? Here's an example of a report, what's wrong with it? Quantity      Item     Price    Amount   5           Apple    $10.00     $ 50.00   1           Banana   $20.00    $ 20.00   2           Pear     $25.00      $ 50.00 Total            ... read more

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. (Aristotle) This quote provokes me never to accept the status quo and always challenge assumptions. It is the thought that through education we never stop learning or seeking after truth and knowledge.

The IRS have opened up form 8863 Education Credit and you can file that form now. Many other credits are still not ready and taxpayers await these in order to file. What is my opinion as a tax professional for 26 year? See below. TAX PLANNING: It is perfectly legal to plan your tax affairs to your advantage as long as you don't break Tax Law. Many people don't know this. Some avoid tax professionals, claiming that they file their own taxes yearly... WORD OF ADVICE----when you are sick you visit a doctor, when you car needs repairs you take it to the mechanic---Trust me if you don't take your taxes to a seasoned tax preparer , I guarantee you that you are losing out on solid TAX PLANNING ADVICE ... Food for thought.

Hello! This whole site is pretty new to me, but I wanted to briefly show my interests and experiences, as they are fairly diversified: Sciences: As noted above, most of my experience is with chemistry. Organic Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also familiar with Inorganic Chemistry. I've been a Teaching Assistant for college freshman level courses through upper level chemistry courses. I started off as a Biology/Pre-med major, so courses like Physics and Biology are high on my understanding. Tutoring in most of the sciences will be my highest level of knowledge/experience. Math: I was a mathematics minor as an Undergraduate, so I am very familiar with a fair amount of mathematics divisions. Calculus is fairly fresh, but I am most proficient with Algebra. I have a secret love of the mathematics, so tutoring math in some way would definitely be great. Dance: I just noticed that dance was an option for the "subjects", so I listed it. I am a Lindy Hop dancer and... read more

Sometimes it's easier to use the keyboard to change to a different worksheet, especially when you're already typing data or formulas into the sheet. To switch to a worksheet to the right of the current sheet, press CTRL+PAGE DOWN (hold down CTRL and tap PAGE DOWN until the appropriate worksheet appears). To switch to a worksheet to the left of the current sheet, press CTRL+PAGE UP.

If you want to quickly select (highlight) all of the contiguous (continuous) data in your spreadsheet (such as a table of information), follow these steps: - Click anywhere within the contiguous data - Press CTRL+A If there are rows or columns within your data that are completely blank, the highlighted selection will stop at those "borders." If you want to select the entire spreadsheet, including any blank rows or columns, press CTRL+A+A (in other words, press CTRL+A, then while continuing to hold down CTRL, press "A" again). Alternatively, you can click on the button in the top left corner of the sheet to select the entire sheet. This button is located at the intersection of the row and column headings, just to the left of the column A button and just above the row 1 button.

Congratulations to MADISON for her dedication and good grades in her challenging business classes. Madison, we're proud of you for doing a great job--it looks like you're going to get A's and B's in all of your classes. Since you are taking some very challenging subjects, passing them all and getting good grades is a praiseworthy accomplishment on your part!

Congratulations to Niesha for getting an "A" on her Operations Management final exam. That was a challenging class, and I know you worked hard for your good grades. I am so proud of you for your dedication and resulting success. Keep up the good work, and before you know it, you will be graduating!

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