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Learning a language is a funny thing. Lots of people in the world today learn their second language as a child and that language is (maybe) usually English. Many people in the world are introduced to a new language as children during a period when learning a language is optimal. I am well past this age and I have just now begun to start learning a second language, formally. For what it's worth, I knew a little Japanese before I went to Japan. I could read Kana and maybe a couple hundred kanji, so I wasn't a total newbie. But, this was my first time really learning it for real and being in a country where it is spoken. A few things that I learned about learning a language for real: 1. Frustration and disappointment. I came in this knowing some words and the disappointment I experienced when I could hear NONE of them rained on my parade a bit. The frustration was a bit unbearable in the beginning. I was only in the country for a semester and... read more

This post is all about #mentoring. There is no excuse for any student to ever say, "I can't!" As a mentor, I lead my kids by example. I am back in college for the degree I always wanted to get but didn't. Someday, I will be an engineer! That just gets me excited to be alive and be a teacher. But, I'm 41. I old right? 25 years out of school? I can't do it.   Well, I hear enough of that from students. So, I prove to them: anything can be done if you put your mind to it! Now, in my 3rd semester of a 6 semester plan, I have a 4.0 GPA, I'm enrolled in 24 credit hours at 2 different colleges and I tutor 40-hours a week!   If I can go overtime, carry a job, help 20+ students a week with their homework and tests, and keep a 4.0. Anyone can, especially someone half my age, right? Yes, you can!   So, next time you thing it can't be done, just go out that door, put your nose in the books and do it. If Ted can do it you can too!

Whether your learning is something new or something you need a refresher in, it can be rewarding. One of the things that makes it rewarding is because someone is taking some time to mentor you and show you how to do something  that you need or want to know.  For example lets talk on the subject of sewing.  I have taught classes where at the beginning of the class the student wonders if they would be able to complete their project as described.  They either had no prior skills in sewing or it was a while since they used a sewing machine.  I take time to help them stay calm so I can teach them the information they need to complete the project.  I remember the benefit of being mentored and want to be sure to pass it on from one person to the next.  I can say that I am still being rewarded from the mentoring I receieved on life and in my educational training in the past and up to this present... read more

Mentoring is a caring, respectful and trustworthy person who teaches or gives helpful advice to a less experienced person. The first mentor for me was during my childhood years. I did not like to read until I was in second grade.   I was 7 years old and I had a friend named Susan T. and she was 8 years old. She had Leukemia at this tender age and was overweight and wore a wig due to chemo treatments. The kids were not always kind to her and I chose to be her friend. She was always kind to everyone else and she did get tired easily. She was cheerful and had a "heart of gold."   I told her one day that I really didn't like to read. In the following days Susan T. would invite me over to her house. She fixed herself coffee and she would fix hot chocolate for me. She would hang her little blonde curly wig on the hat rack and would get out all her favorite books!   She taught me how to read. This was before we ever had book buddies in school... read more

Mentoring is not for money, we mentors do it nobly. Remind our students why we do it. That their job is to do their school work. A diploma shows dedication and perseverance. When you receive your paycheck that is the reward. To make a school to real life connection...the mentor is the families educational assistant and  the report card is the paycheck #mentoring#foodforthought

     Being a mentor means practicing patience and having an immense amount of responsibility. A mentor is someone that others can look up to and set an example from. Growing up, I often found mentors in my teachers. My favorite was a high school English teacher who taught me about creativity and was supportive of diversity and the unique qualities in each of his students. I will never forget how he empowered his students to write from their hearts and to challenge themselves. My other mentor was my high school algebra 2 teacher. Before I took her class, I struggled with math. Her patience and kindness helped me to love math for the first time in my life. I managed to get an A in her class and by the time I entered college, I qualified for calculus. Her faith in me in spite of my fear of (what I thought was) a difficult subject helped me to grow as an individual and gain self-confidence. She showed me that I was in fact capable of overcoming challenges no matter how much... read more

Mentoring to me means passing on to others all the valuable wisdom and experience I have gained in my fields of expertise. It's telling someone about my mistakes so they can avoid them. It's also about giving advice and sharing the secrets that have lead to my personal and professional success.   We all need mentors and we all can be a mentor to someone else. Whether we realize it or not, we all have specific people in life who are looking for someone like us to be a mentor to them.   Being a mentor is about uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. Find a person who is doing great things in a field you would like to be in and reach out to them. Establish a one on one connection and build up the relationship.   My life and education has been heavily impacted by mentors. The advice and wisdom that has been given to me from my mentors has allowed me to make smarter decisions in my life. Decisions that have allowed me to be a better... read more

I started this blog so, that my students and potential students on Wyzant could see my personal photography work on display. I have been tutoring for the last two years and I love it!! But, I have been working as a fine art photographer and writer for over 25 years.   I found out today that I cannot show you my photographs on this blog site... I can't upload my images to this blog. But, you can go to my personal profile and you will find a selection of my images that unfortunately,  have been cropped. Oh, well, I tried, but the agency has a finicky cropping tool and it won't let me show you my full frame images. So, I hope to make a video in the near future  where I can show you actual photographs that I have taken and reworked in Photoshop and Lightroom.. so, stay tuned!! For the last ten years, I have done many class presentations and lectures in NYC colleges and universities such as SVA, Parsons, ICP, and NYU. I have also presented and spoken about... read more

My "Spiritual gift" is helping others.  That means that is what I was put on earth to do, and I enjoy doing that.  Mentoring is helping another to develop.  I don't believe that being critical of someone else is struggling is helpful in general.  I prefer to build rather than tear down the person who needs help by increasing their understanding of whatever subject they need help in.

January is National Mentoring Month. Mentoring is something we value greatly in law. Without mentors most of us would be floundering. But how do you find a mentor? For me, it was really difficult. I didn't grow up in law. My mother was an accountant and my dad worked on computers. So when I got to law school I was completely lost. Not only that, but I went to law school in a completely different state. So I didn't have the local connections others had, I hadn't worked in law so I didn't have business connections, and I didn't have the family member who was a lawyer so I felt like I was completely disadvantaged. So I went to a lecture held by someone in Career Services one day. That person gave me the best piece of advice I could have ever received: you need to get out into the legal community and make your presence known if you want not just a mentor, but a job. I took the advice to heart. I joined a voluntary bar and began going to luncheons and different... read more

First Post. Biology is an extremely interesting and colorful science. I love watching my world change colors and watching how different species react to the changes. Watching how life change provides answers to the simple questions that we ask.  MaKing comparisons and finding contrasts help us understand how our world works and influences how we react.  I have found that friends who did not study Biology become involved with some aspect of biological life as a hobby. Some of my friends are so interested in what is happening to our environment they are using photography to document birds, insects, and plants. Their photos show different species  interacting in different biomes. For me, it is so gratifying because it indicated how their exposure in high school or even college supported  their continued interest in the biological aspects of life.  When I am teaching biology, I try to instill in my students an interest for the subject not only for a grade but... read more

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