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Even though tutoring can be an "easy" job sometimes, for me, lesson prep is key.  Planning, testing, editing, and reviewing the subject matter helps to be more confident when presenting the lesson to the student.  As for the actual lesson itself... I think learning should involve the body and the emotions.  In this way the retention of the subject matter is greater.  For example, I can tell a student the subject but if the student demonstrates, or teaches me what they are learning they will keep it in their memory bank better.  GAMES!  Songs! Skits, Art projects, I use ALL of these things as teaching tools.  BUT, in order for them to work.... PLANNING ahead of time is a necessity!  So, I say that my lesson preparation time, is simply Working For Fun!

I have a daughter and when she need help for her homework and ask me. I use this tips: 1) Use examples using things close to person and his/her age. 2) I always take a paper and do some draw or sketches 3) Sometimes I compare the situation with a movie that we has watched and the person remind. 4) Is important to use physical objects so the person can remind it. 5) I love to add some hilarious events, or actions to be the explanation fun and easy to remember that moment. This is what happen some days ago. She (10) was studying american geography, the first colonies... so need to remind the first states and capital cities. For each capital I used a different strategy... but she couln't remember North Caroline's. She search in her phone to see the answer. Raleigh! she said. And I said: "Wow! I think that Leelo (our dog) is from there!. Check her belt and see if it says Raleigh." Of course I have no idea where the dog come from. lol... But the... read more

Place all 8 parts of a Speech into One Funny Sentence!   I, funny Sam, am playing happily and friendly at school at noon. Wow!   Pronoun, adjective, noun, helping verb, verb, adverb, conjunction, adverb, preposition (where) preposition (when). Interjection!   Make up your own sentence using the 8 parts of speech to recall them.   I taught an 8th grader a similar mnemonic sentence for him to recall his parts of speech by this method, and he shared with me that he had not understood sentence structure prior to this strategy.

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