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Although new to WyzAnt, I have tutored mathematics for the past four years at college. One thing I notice among many students is a great deal of annoyance towards mathematics. They feel mathematics to be too abstract, rigorous, relentless, and just plain boring. Most students either prefer a subject they will end up using in "real life", or a subject that gives them a sense of wonder. However, the amazing thing about mathematics is how truly wonderful it is for me. Most people who see my attitude towards mathematics (including others who are reasonably adept at math) find this odd or misplaced, and I fully understand their lack of sympathy. Perhaps you are one of them. But I can assure everyone reading this there is something truly mysterious about mathematics that breaches the very foundations of astonishment and awe. Take prime numbers for example. It's pretty clear that you can take any whole number and decompose it down into a product of prime... read more

Here are 48 of my favorite math words in 12 groups of 4. Each group has words in it that can be thought of at the same time or are a tool for doing math.   between on over in   each multiply of many   ratio divisions distribution compartments   limit neighborhood proximity boundary   infinite infitesmal mark differentiation   graph width height depth   circle sphere point interval   hyper extra spacetime dimensional   geometry proportion sketch spatial   four table cross squared   target rearrange outcome result   area volume space place   What are your favorite math words? If you aren't sure, search for "mathematical words" and pick a few.

It is always a pleasure to help the student whenever they need it. I prefer to help the students aiding their thought process towards the right solution by giving similar examples and illustrations and also trying to question them or probe them during the class. This helps in better understanding and developing good problem solving skills; by which he/she can attack any problem lurking in the dark during the examination. My intention will be to enable students to take control of their own learning.

Hi, I am a tutor who can help with math, economics, statistics, physics, chemistry, and other subjects. I am a University of Chicago Math with a Specialization in Economics major. I have experience with both face-to-face teaching and online tutoring and am eager to offer both. My full profile can be found here: ;

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