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When I am doing math with students I often find using the text tool the most efficient way of quickly typing a math problem. The equation editor is awesome but can be overkill, think: a simple inequality.   x + 37 ≥ 45   I printed this list so I can make symbols like ≥ and ≈ easily. I hope this link helps others.   To use: click the text tool and add regular keyboard symbols. When you want to add a mathematical symbol (make sure num lock is on) hold the Alt key on the left side of your keyboard and while still holding Alt use the numbers on the NUMERICAL KEYBOARD (the numbers across the top of your keyboard won't work) that correspond to the symbol you want to insert. Note some begin with 0 and some do not. Alt 0247 ÷ and Alt 247 ≈ give totally different results. Enjoy!   Alt Codes for Basic Operators Alt 0215 × Multiplication Sign Alt 0247 ÷ Obelus / Division Sign Alt 37 % Percentage Sign Alt 0137... read more

The most requested tutoring subject is MATH! Many students struggle with math (algebra, geometry, calculus) because there is no easy way to learn it. It is nice to have someone to break it down for you and talk you through your problems. But, what happens when you do not have your tutor next to you?!?!   PANIC?! OF COURSE NOT!   Although it is my duty for you to have a firm grasp on the math concepts, I may not always be there when you need me (of course, I will always try =)). What I used as a math student and what I use as a math tutor is a study "cheat-sheet" guide. I would make my own cheat sheets that broke down steps and had formulas with explanations of what each variable meant. This was a HUGE HELP when learning new concepts or having to remember old concepts for a final exam.   As you continue to learn new concepts, you add it to your cheat sheet. These should be very short blurbs like a formula or a short example of the problem... read more

I am a University of Utah mathematics major and I love the word FREE. (cheap is good too) I don't have a lot of money so any Free resources to help me study are worth it to me. Since I know a lot about mathematics that is what I will be posting here.   The key to Mathematics is Learning, Practicing, Learning, Practicing, and sometimes it goes in the opposite order: Practicing, Learning, Practicing, Learning. But either way a good resource to me has a bit of both: they teach you how and why you do something and they make you do it as well. A really good resource will teach you how and why, make you try it, and then will show you why you got it wrong and what you should have done, and then make you do more problems of the same type. So then, without further ado, here are the resources:   Paul's online notes (type it in google it will be one of the first to pop up)   his notes are free, come with worked out problems,... read more

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