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Hey everybody, new to blogging, so here we go!  I joined WyzAnt at the end of last year, and in 6 months, I've somehow managed to be one of the more active tutors in my area.   Part of my approach with my students is to reeeeeally make the session into a dialogue.  I tutor math.  As an example of what I mean, if I have a student who is about to learn formulas for the area of various shapes, I don't just blurt out "Area of a rectangle is length times width, got it?  Now do a problem with that formula."  I start by asking them what "distance" is.  That's something that they can relate to.  Or, I ask them how tall they are, and how that's measured.  Or, how long a marathon is, which is measured in miles or kilometers.  So, all of those are "distances," which we measure in feet, or inches, or miles, or whatever.  But, what if we're talking about how big the top of a table is, or how big a room... read more

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