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Tutoring in the areas of physical education require availability of appropriate venues for the sport. We will need an available court for either sport (tennis, basketball, etc), or area to practice basic throwing, blocking, or other skills for self-defense, field sports, etc. Please have 1-2 adequate locations in mind before contacting me, as I may not know all viable locations in your travel radius. I am able to transport you if needed via parental permission if your under 18. (Specifics) Archery: Training in this art will require an adequate safety zone area. Martial Arts: This specific tutoring will not contain object damaging/breaking. Only rudimentary tutoring in lower belt training. Please note the style in practice as there are many styles from various cultures of Asia and Africa you may be asking for assistance with.

What does physics and martial arts have in common? A lot, actually. For instance, the formula for Force is F=ma^2, where F is Force, m is Mass and a is Acceleration. Now think this through. If an individual bulks up his mass and doubles it, what does that do for his strength? It effectively doubles it. But what if he doubles his acceleration, his speed, per se? His force quadruples! When you get into larger numbers like 3 and 4, the effect is even more pronounced. So that is the reason that Bruce Lee is more deadly than some bulky slow weight lifter (not that you want to mess with either one, however). When you increase your speed, the effect on your force is maximized. You fellow martial artists may have known the principle behind this but now you know the science! And you physicists may have known the formula already. But now you know the cool application of it. Who knows? It could come in useful if you get bullied around.

Hello! This whole site is pretty new to me, but I wanted to briefly show my interests and experiences, as they are fairly diversified: Sciences: As noted above, most of my experience is with chemistry. Organic Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also familiar with Inorganic Chemistry. I've been a Teaching Assistant for college freshman level courses through upper level chemistry courses. I started off as a Biology/Pre-med major, so courses like Physics and Biology are high on my understanding. Tutoring in most of the sciences will be my highest level of knowledge/experience. Math: I was a mathematics minor as an Undergraduate, so I am very familiar with a fair amount of mathematics divisions. Calculus is fairly fresh, but I am most proficient with Algebra. I have a secret love of the mathematics, so tutoring math in some way would definitely be great. Dance: I just noticed that dance was an option for the "subjects", so I listed it. I am a Lindy Hop dancer and... read more

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