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Depending on location and commute time, tutoring sessions are generally at least 2 hours in duration, which is a common practice among tutors in order to avoid spending more time driving than actually tutoring. The longer session also allows for more ground to be covered and keeps the momentum rolling - so there isn't an abrupt stop when the student has a really good flow going - and keeps the sessions really productive. Math students especially benefit from longer sessions, as the material and assignments/problems generally take longer to complete and therefore take up a lot of time.  

This week while meeting a student for the first time, I did something I am very embarrassed about. Normally I tutor students who are in the traditional school setting, this week was my first time meeting with a home-schooled student. This being the case we decided to meet up in the morning as opposed to in the later afternoon when I normally tutor. We headed down to the city library for our first lesson, and then I realized our library didn't open until noon. Sometimes I forget that we live in a rural area, so things open later and close earlier than you would expect. Have no fear though, we went down the street  to the store the family owns and worked in the back office. I just want to remind everyone that you should always check the hours of the public place you plan to meet in. 

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