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I am fully aware that English is one of those subjects students tend to either love or hate. Personally, I'm a lover of all things English; literature, grammar, language arts and so on. I attained my Bachelor's degree in English with a double major in History, another of my loves. Though I am not a teacher by trade, I've discovered through the years that I'm a darn good one. I can help any type of student; children, adults, lovers and haters of English and grammar. I am very well-read and possess a strong understanding of grammar; thus, I am able to connect with students of all ages and skill sets. Whether you need help with English literature classes, grammar or learning English as a second language, I will be able to not only connect with you, but also guide you through your learning journey.

One day in college, my favorite professor approached me at my desk. She spoke in a hoarse whisper. "I need your help today. Will you please teach the class for me?" Who, me? I looked around at my fellow students, who were getting seated and unpacking their notebooks. This was hands-down my favorite class of the semester, an expository writing class. Teach? "Laryngitis," she croaked, pointing at her throat. She flashed a grin of confidence and leaned in closer. "Can I count on you? I know you can do it!" Looking back, that afternoon changed the course of my life. I don't remember how that class went, but I do remember that it lit a serious spark in my spirit. I started work as a tutor almost immediately, at first working in the National Center on Deafness (NCOD), which was located on my campus, which was California State University, Northridge. I also met with that professor to discuss the possibility of getting a teaching... read more

The above-referenced subjects include different-aged PreK-College student needs I have experienced at the beginning of each school year since Fall 2010, when I first began tutoring in earnest via WyzAnt, instead of substituting daily for lesser pay in 18 area elementaries in our school district. I am not including higher math (Grade 7 and above) in my math tutoring experience. I also have helped adults with ESL/ESOL, general and academic reading/writing/comprehension/test preparation as well as public speaking for different-sized audiences, sometimes at-the-last-minute before "the big presentation day".

Greetings learners, I'm back with another tip in learning. Now! How many of you leave your house without an Umbrella knowing there is going to be rain? Most likely none of you would make that mistake. Well it's the same in learning. Before you come to any session, be organized. 1.Firstly, eat a good breakfast or lunch. 2. Have all materials needed e.g Pens,pencils,work from school etc. Good Luck!

Are your children struggling in school? Do you wish your child to do better in school? Are there college students who need extra help? There are many reasons why a student is not at grade level or struggling to stay at grade level, and high school students who graduate with limited English, Reading, and Writing abilities. Sometimes a child has a learning disability (ADHD, Autism, Asperger's) or limited English skills. A student's achievements and self-esteem are the most important things students can receive if they are struggling or has limited English skills. So many students fall through the cracks at school, including my own son, because of several special needs. When we let our students fall through the cracks, the student(s) usually finds himself/herself in trouble. With low self-esteem and believing they cannot do something will allow students to hang around with not so great students. As parents and adult students, we need to strive for the best that is within us all. I am... read more

As I get closer to finally finishing all of my teaching licensure tests and certifications, I have really realized where my passion lies within the subject of English: literature. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of poetry – when it comes to the world of sonnets, haikus, limericks, and anapests, I have to really put my thinking cap on and analyze the poem to understand it. I enjoy editing papers and getting into the science of grammar and punctuation, but that doesn’t get me fired up. What I absolutely love thinking about, analyzing, and dissecting is classic literature, and reading literature throughout my life ultimately helped me realize that I wanted to teach it to students and make it interesting for them. Ultimately, I am making a point with this post, I promise. But let me explain a little bit first. I almost flew off the handle last night when my friend’s little sister (who is 16 years old) said that she hated the book The Catcher In the Rye. I was appalled. When I was... read more

I am finally getting my blog set up! As I try to expand my audience, I have made a craigslist post for my tutoring services, directing potential students to this website: The business end of things seems to have put a damper on my leisure reading time. Because of this, I think I'll use a tip I usually reserve for students on myself- a word of the day! It helps to expand one's vocabulary while using up only minimal time. I'll borrow today's word from Intrapaneur- An employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow the corporation's usual routines or protocols. Interesting indeed... As time progresses, I hope to write about some exciting things here, and hopefully I'll have some handy tips for those who wish to gain greater knowledge and skill in the areas of reading and writing.

Happy Thursday! Today, I am writing my thoughts on the importance of reading over the summer vacation for high school and college students. I know that it is mid-summer and the last thing that anyone wants to think about is reading one of the classics or a treatise on a historical event. BUT, by keeping the mind engaged you are keeping your creative juices flowing and not wasting some of the precious time needed to be prepared for those SATs, ACTs, or your next round of college classes. It is important for the incoming freshmen about to attend college for the first time, who may not have been exposed to many of the classic works of Literature that you will encounter in your first couple of semesters of your college career. Many colleges and high schools also have lists of “required or recommended reading.” Getting a head start on some of the lengthy tomes that you will be working with is a good idea. You might also be surprised to find out that you enjoy the stories and novels... read more

Summer learning loss can affect everyone. Teachers must spend quite a bit of time in the beginning of every year reviewing to get students past the summer slump. There are a variety of ways you can keep yourself or your child from losing to much ground over summer. One of the best ways to keep the brain sharp and active is to keep reading both fiction and nonfiction literature at or above grade level. Even if it is only 25 minutes a day, you will keep the reading skills sharp and continue to learn new things. I also found out that Barnes and Nobles is offering a free new book reward to children who read 8 books. You can check out their website or visit the nearest store for more information. Whether in a cool place during the heat of the day, or as part of the night time relaxation, reading for 25 or more minutes is possibly the best time investment you can make. There are also many kinds of puzzles you can practice solving such as Suduko to keep the math and problem solving skills... read more

Updated Summer Availability: Mon: No Available Sessions Tues: No Available Sessions Wed: After 3:30 pm Thurs: After 3:30 pm Fri: After 1pm Weekends: 10am-5pm (Some flexibility required for recurring weekend sessions due to prescheduled out of town obligations) Please message me to inquire about setting up a tutoring session! Having your payment information on file will allow us to begin more quickly.

Hello, WyzAnt students and parents! This is the pseudo-blog of tutor Alex H., yours truly. Posts on this blog will be sporadic, unpredictable, and downright random, but I will do my best to post nuggets of information in different subjects and areas. Today's subject: English. And what better way to introduce the beauty of the English language than through a good book. Today's piece of modern literature (and yes, I said modern literature. There is such a thing, kids. Good books don't have to be old and boring): "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. Here is the description from "The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night. "But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway—a duel between two... read more

I’ve heard once that everyone “is a genius in something”. Throughout my academic life, my passion has had me find my genius- in reaching out and teaching others. It is with that same passion and genius that I enter the classroom, present a lecture, lead a discussion, assign an activity, grade an assignment, and counsel a student. It‘s the passion for learning that keeps me going back to school and it is that passion that I hope to inspire in others. It is my job as a teacher to lead and inspire students to take up and continue this passion for a lifetime by using their own individual genius. I find that the most effective curriculum connects the students to their own world, by trying to create an environment and conditions that place students in touch with the skills and resources they need for self-learning. I encourage students to make their own discoveries, for I have found that the lessons we learn ourselves seem to be the most valuable and longest lasting. Finally,... read more

Welcome! I am passionate about teaching all areas of English and the reading and English sections on the ACT exam. I can also give you tips on how to master all parts of the exam. I have tons of resources and I will individualize lessons to your needs and timeline. I tutor 9th grade through college level. I am a certified English teacher with eight years of experience. Contact me today for a free consultation. References are available upon request. I care and I will do everything that I can to help you succeed. Don't waste another day struggling! Learn how to write an essay without the stress. I also do editing/ proofreading. Learn how to master vocabulary. Bump that ACT score up. EVERY POINT MEANS MORE MONEY FOR COLLEGE! Talk to you soon. Peace, Kimberly

It's summer, and everyone is ready for vacation, especially with all this beautiful weather we've been having. But "use it or lose it" applies to your English language skills even during the summer! Look for ways to keep using language while you're having fun this summer: - Get involved in a summer reading program at the library - Find a group of friends and form a book club -- everyone reads the same book and gets together once a week or once a month for discussion - Write a new ending to your favorite book or story - Give your texting thumbs a break and write a real, pen-and-paper letter to a friend or family member - Watch the news on TV or listen to talk radio - Listen to internet broadcasts like NPR's StoryCorps (short stories of people's real-life experiences in America) or the Voice of America (interesting news stories specially written for English language learners) - Find a tutor - hint, hint! :-) - to help you review what you learned... read more

As a public school teacher on a traditional academic calendar, I will have flexible day-time hours available starting June 14! I am willing to work with students in all areas of English language arts on middle and high school levels. I can also help with writing and proofreading for college work! Don't forget that I can also work with students who need help with MLA format and other research skills!

Although a rhetorical question, the answer to the above question is YES!! Writing someone elses' paper and them therefore claiming it as their own is indeed plagiarism. However -> If an individual completely writes their own paper and it is proofread and edited by someone else, it is therefore no longer claiming someone else's work as your own. For this purpose, I am willing to help those in need of essay structuring and proofreading. Simultaneously, I will email the corrected essay/paper back to the student and the original copy with the highlighted changes and explanation for those changes. If preferred I can do so while skyping to walk you through the changes and why they are done. This would also be considered a method of tutoring. At the same time, you will be receiving a college leveled paper if applicable and knowledge on how a proper paper should be written and formatted. ** If anyone needs help with writing an upcoming paper. Feel free to contact me. **... read more

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