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People say everything takes work work work...   The only thing I can see that takes that kind of work is trying really, really hard to NOT have fun! When we are engaging with our own brilliance, when we are opening up to learn more about ourselves and our world, that's the doorway to the most fun EVER! It's just that the conventional systems don't teach that way.    When you know you're on the right track, how does that FEEL? Doesn't your body feel awesome? Doesn't the anxiety just melt away? Isn't there just this open sense that all you want to do is keep moving forward? When you are educating yourself for the purpose of knowing your own brilliance and capacity, rather than educating yourself to perform a task, rather than to be the "best" or satisfy what someone else thinks you "should" have it made.  When your own brilliance is your number one priority, magic happens. All of your tasks get... read more

Radio shows are a great way to practice listening to spoken English. Many radio shows post their episodes online and also include the text of the show. This way you can both listen to the show and also read the show. Reading the text allows you to check your understanding of what you heard. In addition to practicing listening skills, this is also a great way to learn new vocabulary. Below are links to some of my favorite radio shows available online.     Voice of America News stories.  Easy to intermediate vocabulary. For Voice of America, look for news stories with videos.  Below the video, you'll find the text of all the spoken parts.  For example, see the video of this story about the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act in the United States.       NPR TED Talks  Talks by experts in technology, education, and design fields.  Advanced vocabulary... read more

For practice over the winter holidays, try the following resources: Vocabulary practice Quizlet Create your own vocabulary lists with pictures. Writing You Can't Write English Under Pressure A stressful game to check your knowledge of spelling and word order. Listening Voice of America, "Stories about People" Hundreds of MP3 files and transcripts about famous people.   Speaking / pronunciation American English Pronunciation Practice Audio files for practicing pronunciation, especially difficult word pairs.   Grammar English Video Video English lessons on assorted grammar and vocabulary topics, including English slang. For example, try this video on the English meanings of "John."   For Spanish-speakers, Aprender ingl├ęs gratis Different levels, different English topics offered in Spanish.

Hello, ESL/ESOL friends!   WOULD YOU LIKE TO: ~ practice your English skills? ~ work on pronunciation, pragmatics, vocabulary/idioms? ~ learn more about American culture? ~ play games? ~ go on field-trips (karaoke, movies, restaurants, events, etc.)?   The new year is beginning...and so is the new semester. Who's ready to get their tutoring on???? Along with regular private tutoring session I'm creating weekly Conversation Clubs to help you guys practice your language skills.   I am offering these group sessions at a discounted rate - $25/per person/per session.   Contact me with days/times you would prefer. When I get a few responses I will set up our first session.   C'mon...let's chat!

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