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Do you find yourself putting in lots of study but still falling shy of your learning goals? Do you find yourself blanking on tests for which you have studied for hours the night before? Maybe you are a senior in college and need a simple encouragement for good academic performance. Whatever your situation, if you are trying to learn well, these lifestyle suggestions are definitely worth integrating into your daily routine.   Nutrition Give your body the nourishment it needs. Make healthy eating part of your daily routine, being sure to follow guidelines set by accredited nutritionists. It may seem a bit odd, but from a biological point of view, for learning to occur the body must be nourished so that the proper state of mind can be maintained. The more vivid example of this is the familiar hunger during study sessions that prevent full attention to be given to the subject matter. More subtle forms of this phenomenon include forgetfulness, difficulty relating new information... read more

Many students now days give up after trying two to three times so I would like to say That #life is like a #cricket where you are the #batsman and #ball are the opportunities. If one ball goes other ball will come which means if one opportunity is gone let it go away but what more important is stay on the field and let the other opportunity come. there are no limit on opportunities  it comes and go if u strike one you go ahead if you lose doesn't matter wait for the other #opportunity to come but don't live the field and run. What's more important is to stay on field and to wait for opportunity.

Do you know anyone that worries too much?  Do you know someone who lives in a state of fear, anxiety, and just overall unrest?  How many times have you personally worried about something happening, spent all that emotional energy, and the thing didn't happen?  Everything turned out alright!  Negative emotions, thoughts, and fears can impact learning.  Our negative thoughts chew up mental processing power, weight down our emotions, and can even contribute to our overall state of health.   Incoming negative thoughts can originate from different sources.  Maybe someone close to you conveys that you are a lesser person in terms of how you act, speak, work, or learn. They may even speak negatively about your future or how they think things are going to turn out for you.  Listening to negative incoming words or being around someone who makes you feel uncomfortable does present some challenges.  However, you still control what you accept... read more

Hello!   This summer (after several years at a University tutoring center), I decided to take on two high school students with ADHD. I had previously worked with a small handful of ADHD students and thought I knew what to expect. I did not think it would be so challenging! But with a few sessions of adaptation, a lot of home research, and a barrel full of patience, I am ready to share both my experience and advice with fellow tutors looking to work with this group of learners.   Of my two learners, one was severely hyperactive and highly distractible while the other had little self motivation or ability to concentrate. These two boys were quite opposite and would have undoubtedly never been good companions. I will begin by discussing my hyperactive student as he forced me to make the most adjustments to my tutoring techniques.   First, I would suggest that any highly distractible learner using technology to PUT IT AWAY. If the student needs a... read more

Hello all, I found this article from Fox news very helpful. We might relate to it differently but at the end of the day, we may all agree that multitasking might not be as effective as it feels! Hope you enjoy it!   12 Reasons To Stop Multitasking   "We all do it: Texting while walking, sending emails during meetings, chatting on the phone while cooking dinner. In today's society, doing just one thing at a time seems downright luxurious, even wasteful. But chances are, you're not doing yourself (or your boss, or your friends and family) any favors by multitasking your way through the day.Research shows that it's not nearly as efficient as we like to believe, and can even be harmful to our health. Here are 12 reasons why you should stop everything you're doing—well, all but one thing—and rethink the way you work, socialize, and live your life. You're not really multitasking What you call multitasking is really task-switching,... read more