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There are a lot of different opinions about how to set up a Lightroom catalog. Some teachers suggest creating a new catalog for each shoot, some say one new catalog for each year. After 7 years of working with students privately, I have to say - one catalog - is all you need, especially if you keep your Library photos and folders in order. And your Library should be on a dedicated external hard drive. And, if you're using a laptop, then Smart Previews are the way to go, as they allow you to edit and develop your photos without actually having the hard drive with you.    What's a Catalog and what's a Library?    The Lightroom catalog is how Lightroom knows where your photos are on your hard drive. It is also where it keeps all the information on what you've done - flags, rejects, developing, books, etc. Consider the Catalog a big filing system, but it's not a file cabinet. This is a unique aspect of how Lightroom works and can trip up many beginning... read more

Let's suppose you have zero dollars to spend but you do have a few basic supplies around the house.  Here are ten things you can do this summer to make life more interesting – for yourself and others (for ideas 2 – 10, check with your parent[s] before beginning): 1. Reduce time spent on the computer, game box, TV, etc.  Don't just reduce time; set a goal of how much time you plan to cut from each venue per day.  Can you shave off even more minutes/hours by the end of summer? 2. Check out books from the library -- good books by good authors that cause one to think on imagination, perceive symbolism, develop leadership, learn from history; explore new continents, scientific breakthroughs, and much more.  You can also borrow from or swap books with a friend. 3.  Start a journal.  See YouTube and other sites for creating your own cover, pages.  The more you create on your own, the more fun.  Anyone can walk into... read more

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