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Even though tutoring can be an "easy" job sometimes, for me, lesson prep is key.  Planning, testing, editing, and reviewing the subject matter helps to be more confident when presenting the lesson to the student.  As for the actual lesson itself... I think learning should involve the body and the emotions.  In this way the retention of the subject matter is greater.  For example, I can tell a student the subject but if the student demonstrates, or teaches me what they are learning they will keep it in their memory bank better.  GAMES!  Songs! Skits, Art projects, I use ALL of these things as teaching tools.  BUT, in order for them to work.... PLANNING ahead of time is a necessity!  So, I say that my lesson preparation time, is simply Working For Fun!

Tutoring is a two way street. Both sides of the party need to put in 110% of effort in order to see positive results.   A tutor needs to be enthusiastic about the subject. They need to be passionate about what they are teaching. Throughout my college career, I had a better experience and better results in classes where my professor was enthusiastic about the class. Adversely, teachers who don't show enthusiasm, do not connect with the students, and the students refuse to create that connection as well.    Another healthy tutoring tip is patience. Nobody likes a pushy tutor! Yes, be assertive, but being too pushy will annoy the student. Patience allows the student to digest the material and to create cognitive connections.   Positive encouragement is also a good way to make lessons fun. There are teachers who scare their students by giving them discouragement. When a teacher gives the student positive encouragement, the student feels good... read more

1) Encourage students to seek out the answers themselves. Nothing is more satisfying than solving a problem through your own efforts.   2) Establish a level playing field with the student. Nobody is receptive to one-on-one sessions if the tutor acts as if they're above the student.   3) Provide instant feedback. The quicker a problem can be identified, the quicker it can be solved. 

First of all, you cannot make your lessons fun unless you 1. know your children and 2. are interested yourself. So, first get to know your students. Ask them what they like? What are their interests? What do they do in their spare time? You can use this information to make up activities, pick reading passages and even write math word problems. Getting to know your students also shows that you care and are interested. Chances are, if you show you are interested in their learning, they will be too. Once you do these two things, lessons will seem to go more smoothly, you can connect better and learning can really take off. You just have to take that extra step! 

Students should first and foremost bring themselves. A tired student is more likely to have trouble during the lesson. A cold glass of water or mint gum tends to help this problem. Homework or classwork is a great way to let me know what they're working on and how they are being taught the material. Other that, there are a few things that I always recommend!   -Paper/notebook to write on -Pencil -Flashcards/index cards -Headphones for online students

Chances are you’re excited about school being out for summer…I couldn’t agree more! School gets so busy towards the end of the year. Testing, sporting events, concerts and other happenings can all take a toll on your child's practice routine. Once the dust settles from the end of school year festivities, kids with a less full calendar of things to do all too often become bored and need some ideas about how to best spend their time.   If you, or your child, are interested in maintaining or increasing music performance skills from the last day of school through the first day of school the most effective approach is through facilitating time spent on task. Of course, continuing music lessons is a great start! Your child’s private music teacher is the best resource for keeping your son/daughter motivated throughout the summer months. S/he should also be able to recommend outside performance opportunities to support your child’s efforts while introducing them to other students... read more

Over these coming warm weather months I plan on incorporating lessons in the parks of New York City. This is an ideal place for drawing, watercolors, painting and of course live sketching. Today I worked with a students who is focusing on creative concepting for an illustration series. I look forward to working with new students who want to broaden their fine or digital art skills while taking advantage of all the resources NYC has to offer! Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn how I can help you with your creativity.

Hello!  I am writing to let you know that in 2014, as an ART TUTOR I will be offering lessons that you don't need to haul any art equipment to.   If you want to schedule more then one lessons, and invite some friends, the lessons would have, food and music in a quiet not distracting setting and I would come to your residence.   Great for Summer parties with kids!  Adults can take in the fun too, for everyone needs some fun time, and down time, from everyday schedules.  I have an open backyard for painting if you prefer lessons at our home.  (Weather permitting.)    I am excited this year to try something new and FUN!  There is Art companies out there who can do the same thing, but you don't know the instructor.  Get to know me.  I am a mother of 5, and enjoy art.  I help out doing art in my daughters school once a month.  I have experience, and schooling, and a degree.   If you want an... read more

     I keep my communication outside of in-person lessons directed toward the benefit of the student/parent. When I respond to an inquiry for tutoring, I normally mention that I will give a 15% discount at the start of the 25th hour in addition to the 15% discount Wyzant offers for buyers who purchase hours by the bulk. I communicate to students/parents when holiday times come that they may have an extra small discount to buy themselves a turkey. I offer them a small discount during Mardi Gras since parades traffic and unusual environmental activity makes travel less convenient. And somewhere in the timeframe of our lessons, I send an email to offer to augment in-person lessons with students who purchase just a few lessons with some pointers in any part of their topic they need. Each of these announcements receive a written message. I use the phone only by request and usually we coordinate our plans via emails. For accounting and AP... read more

Monday, December 9, 2013   More families are looking for alternatives to traditional public schools. School closings and teaching faculty reductions are leading to over – crowded classrooms that don’t seem to meet all student’s needs. Home schooling is one educational option available to families seeking an alternative to their local public school system. This article highlights four things that will help you get your home school off to a good start while meeting all of your student’s educational needs. 1. What can you teach successfully? As an adult, chances are you can remember that one subject you were good at in school. Whether it came naturally for you, or you simply studied hard and still remember the content, you probably know the subject well enough to teach it to your home school students. However, you should still take some time to decide whether or not you can teach the subject to your students. Unless you have teaching experience as a classroom... read more

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