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From my experience, designing a lesson for one student could be challenging due to not being able to include group or pair-work, which is not only a great way for the students to apply what they have just learned with a fellow classmate allowing them to feel more comfortable to make mistakes but also gives the teacher the opportunity to walk around and listen in and find common errors that can be brought up to the class as a whole instead of singling out a single student's mistake possibly discouraging them, but also because after some time the student can easily get bored deterring them from fully learning the material the tutor is teaching. Here are five things I include in each lesson to ensure that the student is actively learning and having a fun time doing so as well.   1) Make your first lesson informal so they feel comfortable with you from the get-go. They will be hesitant until they feel it is okay to mistakes and the sooner you can get them to let their guard... read more

Not matter what age group and subject, these are my top 5 tips for making learning fun:   1. Start with a fun conversation about the day = this allows me to get the temperance of the student, we all have good days and bad days, this way I can tailor my lesson based on the student's current mood/mindset.   2. Incorporating laughter and jokes = students are more responsive to new information if they are in a good mood.   3. Role play = taking complex or difficult topics within a lesson and applying them to real life situations related to interests the student recognizes.   4. Have the student teach me what they just learned = shows me the levels of comprehension they got from the lessons of the day.   5. Ending the lesson with a motivational quote, song or video  = helps prepare them for their next day.

I am pretty OCD about how I do things as a tutor. This includes being prepared. This also has got me thinking about what it means to be prepared as a tutor. I believe it involves two things. Those are being prepared physically by having the tools you need, and also knowing what you will cover in each lesson.   I started the concept of a tutoring bag about a year ago. I LOVE IT. It has all sorts of goodies in it from dry erase boards to pencils to graphing paper. I even have things that are outside of the box available just incase I need them. For example, I have simple dollar store games in my bag which often help my students who suffer from attention deficit problems. I never know what I am going to need but it allows me to be unconventional with my tutoring which has been a big asset. Also realistically, as much as we want our students to come prepared, SOMEONE is going to forget something!   I also lesson plan before my lessons. I commended tutors who can... read more

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