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Chelsea L. has posted new feedback on your profile: Immediately Heera aproached us with a friendly and warm greeting and introduction. Her interaction with my daughter was natural, nurturing and informative. It’s obvious Heera is well versed with children knowing the right amount of interest, security and instruction to provide. My daughter (and older son that was present) was very comfortable and receptive to Heera. We are excited to move forward with tutoring services and building a relationship with Heera!    Reviews like these help us and create an inspiration to give more of what it takes to promote success and excellence. Happy Learning!!!

Hello to everyone who is just getting back into the groove for the first day of class!  I am excited for you guys and gals.   Josh Kaufman wrote The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business.  Great book to read if you are contemplating an MBA, are interested in starting your own business or have already started a business and are looking for some help.   The note I want to highlight is about education and learning. Continuing your Education and Learning are essential in order to succeed.  However you define success, and Josh goes into some detail about this as well, you will need to constantly learn.  Josh does a great job of explaining what education and learning is, so I will let him tell you why they are important:   Your brain forms mental models automatically by noticing patterns in what you experience each day.  Very often, however, the mental models you form on your own aren't completely accurate - you're only... read more

Making learning fun will help students not only want to understand the material but also will help build their confidence. This can be done in multiple ways such as; creating learning games or utilizing educational toys and reward systems. These are just a few examples of how I make learning fun for kids.    I am always purchasing new tutoring tools to help students learn. A few examples of learning tools I can provide for tutoring sessions are books, puzzles, flash cards, dry erase writing cards, and writing tablets. I have multiple reading level books (from Kindergarten through Adult). Also, if we meet at a library for reading tutoring I will find books at that student's reading level prior to the tutoring session. Providing me in advance with a brief overview of the material you wish for me to review with your child will help me prepare for our tutoring session. Any learning games will be prepared in advance at no charge to save time during our tutoring session... read more

In 2013, I did this talk with teachers & parents, to explain very simply the many myths and misconceptions we have about learning difficulties. Come, watch me take you into the world of the child who struggles:

Mathbreakers, it's a 3D first person shooter game, based on math. Really. I may be considered biased, because this video game is the product of the company I work for. But then again, I really believe in this product, that's why I started working for this company.   You may have heard that video games are good for everyone (yeah that includes adults like me and you, not just children!). For those of you who don't know that yet, please do some research online, it has been a subject of various scientific studies, and has proven results!   And these studies are for games that never had the intent to "teach"! There is another class of games, which are specifically for learning. Mathbreakers is one of them, it's a world where players can smash, chop, and combine numbers with a variety of tools and gadgets. There are number monsters, spatial logic puzzles, math spells and magical structures — it’s an infinite playground, where anything is possible... read more

When I was taking business courses online with American Military University, the first course requirement was to read Learn More Now: Ten Simple Steps to Learning Better, Smarter, and Faster by Marcia Conner. The book breaks down the process of learning in an easy to understand way. This is more than a reading assignment, it is a journey of discovery. Discover your personal motivation for learning, what type of learner you are, study strategies, and how to think like a teacher.   Conner includes tips for learning, details on how nutrition, exercise, senses, and scents affect focus. For example, the scent of peppermint could enhance focus during your next study session!    You can pick up a copy at Amazon or search your local library.              

Sweat. And blood. And tears. And a cramped hand. If you want readers to enjoy your work, you must suffer. The term "writer" is misleading, however. The correct term is "rewriter," for all good writing requires rewriting. Good writers are not born good; they are forged by study and practice. Consider the ancient Greek rhetorician Isocrates: In the art of rhetoric, credit is won not by gifts of fortune, but by efforts of study. For those who have been gifted with eloquence by nature and by fortune, are governed in what they say by chance, and not by any standard of what is best, whereas those who have gained this power by study and by the exercise of language never speak without weighting their words, and so are less often in error as to a course of action. (Antidosis, 15.292) So examine every word, every sentence, every paragraph. Eradicate awkwardness, ambiguity, and bad grammar at all costs. The more rhetorically effective and clearer you are, the more... read more

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