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Cancellation Policy I allow students to cancel lessons up to one hour in advance, with no additional charge. Cancellations with less than 60 minutes than the scheduled start time of the lesson will result in a full lesson charge. My cancellation policy applies to lessons that are pre-scheduled with unconfirmed details. For example, if we have a scheduled lesson, but I don't receive confirmed details regarding the new tutoring location's address, I will assess the cancellation fee. Late Policy The lesson will be charged from the agreed start time of the lesson, even if the student is late. If the tutor is late, the lesson will not be charged until tutoring begins. (However, it is very very unusual that I am ever late!)

Tiffany's  Cancellation Fees Listed Below are Cancellation policy and fees for Tiffany G. 1. If you are unable to attend a session that was scheduled, please give written notice through Wyzant 24 hours or more before start time of scheduled lesson to avoid a cancellation fee. 2. If you are more than 15 minutes late to an in person or online session, and did not communicate with me regarding your tardiness, OR, if you cancel less than 24 hours less than the session, a charge the full cost of the session will be assesed. 3. If you are late to any session, and it is not considered a no show as per my policy, the session will remain per request. There will be a charge the full amount, despite time deducted from your session (example- the session is for 5PM and you arrive at 5:10PM, the session will still end at 6PM). 4. If you have documented valid reason for not being able to attend a session (due to illness or other factors like an accident),... read more

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