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  Not to worry, this is iTunes periodically updating your apps!   Every once in a while you might find a list of files ending in .ipa that just magically appear in your Trash.   Files ending in .ipa are applications you use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iTunes doesn't replace the old versions of your apps when updating, it trashes them. It just doesn't empty the Trash for you! It's safe to do so.   Happy Mac'ing!   Paul K. The Mac Doc    

It's important to figure out if you need a replacement within the first year of purchasing an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. That's because these devices come with a one year hardware warranty, or two if you purchase AppleCare, which gives you an opportunity to replace your device for free. So, how do you know? What can you do to determine whether or not your iOS device hardware is working properly? First off you'll have to rule out software as the cause. That's because replacing hardware is costly and time consuming, so save yourself a headache and rule out software as the cause before thinking about replacing your device. Backup your device Before you do anything backup your device. You can backup to iCloud or iTunes or both, but backup your data in case you may need to replace it. Restart the device The first step of software troubleshooting is restarting the device. If the issue you are having is due to memory problems or garbage going... read more

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