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When designing your manufactured product, you never forget to work on the process selection. The same applies when designing your app or your computer programming project. The designers of applications such as Twitter, Angry birds, Uber or the Wyzant application you are currently accessing engaged in their process selection work in order to give us these fine products.   As a major in computer science and a professional who develops anything from Android applications, websites, and client server applications, I have learned that a good software product is not good because it works but it has to meet the requirements too.    Process selection refers to the strategic decisions involved in choosing the production process to have in your production environment. Sometimes, this is already chosen for you when working on a school project. However, when working in real industry and creating your own Android apps or iPhone apps, you need to choose your own... read more

As the iPhone 6 is released, many people are being notified on their older models that iOS 8 is available for download. And as usual, many people are blindly clicking through the upgrade without stopping to understand what they're doing and why. Most are also disregarding any warnings to back up their data before performing the upgrade.   Here's a post I saw from just today. It's a response to a friend who had "issues" upgrading: "My friend lost pics of her recently deceased father..."   Please, don't walk around with irreplaceable pictures on your iPhone and nowhere else! You can't keep just one copy of valuable data on a single device that could easily end up in the toilet bowl tomorrow. The iPhone is a smartphone, but that's still a phone. It happens to have a good camera and some slick software, but would you walk around every waking hour with a digital camera that held every one of your pictures, and the only copy... read more

  Not to worry, this is iTunes periodically updating your apps!   Every once in a while you might find a list of files ending in .ipa that just magically appear in your Trash.   Files ending in .ipa are applications you use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iTunes doesn't replace the old versions of your apps when updating, it trashes them. It just doesn't empty the Trash for you! It's safe to do so.   Happy Mac'ing!   Paul K. The Mac Doc    

  The rumor mills are awash with supposed pictures, specs and release dates for the iPhone 6, but most of the usual reliable sources tend to agree on these predictions:   Two new iPhones will be announced in the fall. The first to ship for the hollday season will have a 4.7" screen, as opposed to the 4-inch iPhone 5 in all 4 of its varieties, 3 of which are still available - yet the iPhone 5 was dropped when the 5S and 5C became available, and the 4S is still offered (given away!) with a contract.   The second phone, possibly called the 6S, is rumored to be a whopping 5.2 inches and ship in early 2015.   If Apple follows the same pattern, when they ship the 6 and 6S, they'll drop the 5S and give away the 5 and possibly 5C with a contract. They may even announce a larger 6C that's cheaper. No one really knows.   So how do you know when you should upgrade? Simple, really.   If you own an iPhone 5... read more

It's important to figure out if you need a replacement within the first year of purchasing an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. That's because these devices come with a one year hardware warranty, or two if you purchase AppleCare, which gives you an opportunity to replace your device for free. So, how do you know? What can you do to determine whether or not your iOS device hardware is working properly? First off you'll have to rule out software as the cause. That's because replacing hardware is costly and time consuming, so save yourself a headache and rule out software as the cause before thinking about replacing your device. Backup your device Before you do anything backup your device. You can backup to iCloud or iTunes or both, but backup your data in case you may need to replace it. Restart the device The first step of software troubleshooting is restarting the device. If the issue you are having is due to memory problems or garbage going... read more

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