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Bonjour chers lectrices et lecteurs!   Je me rejouis de commencer ce blog! Pas très sure encore de ce que je vais y mettre mais je me lance...   Je vis à Hilton Head depuis plus de 5 ans maintenant, mariée à un américain. J'ai 2 enfants bilingues.   Un article était paru dans le Island Packet en 2011 sur mon rôle de mère élevant ses enfants dans un milieu biculturel et les défis que ça comportaient. C'est plus difficle que ça pourrait paraître, car parfois les enfants manquent de motivation. C'est finalement ma motivation qui les motive vraiment!   La vie semble injuste, n'est-ce pas? Mes enfants rechignent à apprendre le français, alors qu'il ont un prof sous la main 24h/24 et vous, vous pouvez les enviez d'avoir cette chance!   Voilà pour ce premier mot. Alors, à bientôt!

Konnichiwa! (Hello!) My name is Shige, and I am a Japanese tutor from Japan.  I was born in Nagasaki, grew up in some cities southwestern Japan, and eventually came to the United States from Kansai region in 2006. Since then, I have been teaching Japanese in Los Angeles for over nine years and have had many students with wide ranges of ages and Japanese proficiency. I can teach not only conversation but also useful phrases, reading, and writing. I can also introduce you to Japanese geography, customs and good old culture. Some of my former students have passed the JLPT tests and one even obtained a master's degree of Japanese linguistics and culture with my tutoring. I would like to help your dream comes true. My lessons are welcomed to all who want to learn Japanese eagerly. You don't have to worry if you can't speak Japanese at all. If you are interested in my lessons, please send me a message. Arigatou-gozaimasu! (Thank you very much!) -Shige... read more

In order to learn how to sing it is important to get to know our body, particularly our respiratory and voice production systems. Just as instrumentalists know the their instrument’s parts and their functions and how to take care of them to prevent damage, singers should also have a good understanding of their instrument, which is our own bodies, in order to use it correctly and keep it functioning in an efficient and healthy manner. Contrary to instrumentalists who, if their instrument gets damaged, can just exchange it for another one, singers do not have that luxury. Using our instrument incorrectly can lead to short-term and long-term damage and some of it might be irreparable. In this series of posts I will talk about the parts that make up the respiratory and voice production systems as well as their functions and how they integrate together to produce sound. I will also touch on the subject of the proper use of the voice and the problems that might arise if one doesn’t sing... read more

???! Hi Everyone! In lieu of an introduction, I thought to share some of my favorite Mandarin Chinese characters with all of you.     ??: ? bing3 This is a beautiful food-related word that doesn't translate perfectly into English. Somewhat similar to the French crepe or 'galette', a ? is a generally delicious and very thin flatbread or pancake. Usually round, examples include ?? bing3gan1 which means 'cookies' or English-style biscuits and ??? 'green onion pancakes' as frequenters of Northern-influenced Chinese Restaurants might be aware. Given its flexibility and overall tastiness, it will point you in the direction of some lovely things on your average menu. If it's a ?, I'd generally recommend it!     ??: ? zhou1 Another food-related word, I love this one especially for its visual appeal. 'Zhou' is congee, or rice porridge, a beloved Chinese breakfast food. Sometimes eaten with ?? (you2tiao2, fried Chinese breadsticks)... read more

Hi,   My name is Jen and I am a math nerd.   I love math and I honestly believe that you have the capability to love it, too. We use basic mathematics in our everyday lives - even if you don't think about it that way. I use algebra skills when I am shopping sales at my favorite stores and I use geometry when I play mini golf with my brothers. Math is all around us and I would really like to help you see that being a great math student has many advantages inside and outside of the classroom.   I hated math until I got an amazing teacher in fifth grade, and even if it's the summer before seventh grade or senior year you have the chance to be a great math student, too!    I know this whole post is a little cheesy and really optimistic, but I know that with a little help and perseverance I can get you through that PreAlgebra math packet or that Calculus final you have been dreading all semester.    Please post any... read more

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