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The cliffnotes version of my take on the question "What are your 5 outside the box tips that help make your tutoring lessons fun?"   1.        Let the Student Set The Atmosphere for Learning 2.       Embody positivity in Personal Instruction of the Subject Matter!  3.       Acknowledge the emotions associated with previous failures and setbacks 4.       Take breaks with the Student during the session 5.       PERSONALIZED EXAMPLES!!!! CUSTOMIZED EXAMPLES!!!!! SILLY EXAMPLES!!!!     1. Let the Student Set The Atmosphere for Learning - As a tutor, I have the ability of customizing and personalizing the instruction of the subject matter to the needs of the student. However, we do not have the ability to read the mind... read more

Hi prospective student! It's important to be well-prepared for your first session.   First, let's talk on the phone to address your needs and then:   Make sure you bring your writing with you! I know that may sound silly, but sometimes we walk out of the house and forget the keys. Make sure your writing is printed on a clean copy with 1 - 1.5 inch margins, double-spaced so I can make annotations. (If it's not, don't worry, but that's ideal.) Use a serif font (i.e. Times New Roman, Georgia). If you don't know what this means, no worries; I'll explain it to you during the first lesson. If you don't have any writing yet prepared and want me to help you get started, then bring a notebook. We can brainstorm. If you do have a writing sample, bring a notebook anyway, so we can take notes. Depending on your needs, I may give you a little assignment that you can do on your own. Be prepared to turn off your phone or at the very least put it... read more

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to present the tutor training module "Effective Interpersonal Skills" to my fellow HCC tutors. The module is part of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) training curriculum for tutors. Here, I'll share what we discussed at this training.   Training Module Objectives: define interpersonal skills identify essential behaviors for effective communication practice using effective interpersonal skills discuss how to modify behaviors if communication is ineffective   Formal Definition: interpersonal skills n. - the abilities which enable effective communication and social interaction between people (Oxford English Dictionary)   As we begin to talk about effective interpersonal skills, think about those behaviors that have helped you successfully convey your message to others before. What behaviors seemed to work well when communicating with friends, parents, tutors,... read more

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