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    There are so many great math curricula out there.  Some are very heavy on drills: and who can deny that drills are extremely important?  Others are wonderful at demonstrating concepts....the thought processes behind working out problems.  Drills can easily bore a student to death and make them feel like math is a punishment, rather than an interesting investigation.  However, they seem to have some mastery of math when, in reality, they don't understand the language of math. Some children pick up on concepts so quickly that a teacher or parent begins to think the student is a prodigy and is past the drills. So the teacher tends to "zoom" through lessons, allowing the student to lose important ground that has already been gained.  Eventually, this leads to a halt in the student's progress.      Obviously, this means that both concepts and drills are equally important, and a tutor should never sacrifice one for the other... read more

Here are some basic tips for helping students succeed in Mathematics   1. Memorize the rules (For an example when multiplying two negatives the answer becomes positive) 2. Review example problems  3. Be efficient in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division 4. Show your work 5. Double check your answers 6. Ask questions if you do not understand  

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