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Dear fellow Wyzant tutors, you are the experts in your fields, and you are subsequently hired and meet regularly with your individuals. They can show some improvement or a lot of improvement. You encourage them when they may not necessarily understand. You praise them when they make progress. Congrats on all of the above!   So, here's an idea to help them that much more so without sharing your knowledge. When you show how proud you are by your comments, it helps their confidence. So, what about taking their photos of them to help with your tutoring? Just recently, with their permission, I have taken photos of them, saying that I am proud of them. I also ask if it is okay for me to post their photos on social media like Facebook. If they are young, I also ask their parents. They have all enthusiastically said yes.    Such a question can lead to help in your tutoring with them, because they will know that you are proud of them that much more... read more

    There are so many great math curricula out there.  Some are very heavy on drills: and who can deny that drills are extremely important?  Others are wonderful at demonstrating concepts....the thought processes behind working out problems.  Drills can easily bore a student to death and make them feel like math is a punishment, rather than an interesting investigation.  However, they seem to have some mastery of math when, in reality, they don't understand the language of math. Some children pick up on concepts so quickly that a teacher or parent begins to think the student is a prodigy and is past the drills. So the teacher tends to "zoom" through lessons, allowing the student to lose important ground that has already been gained.  Eventually, this leads to a halt in the student's progress.      Obviously, this means that both concepts and drills are equally important, and a tutor should never sacrifice one for the other... read more

When I tutor a student I really like to learn as much about their likes. This helps me design fun, creative and exciting lessons.    5 ideas that make a lesson great! 1. Movement - song or poems. 2. Games- focus on the objective       with a fun game. 3. Praise- always find a positive       way to say good job. 4. Make sure the Lesson is on     level with the student. Making     sure the material is appropriate       will also help the student learn     and become confident In their     abilities! 5. Prepared- make sure to have      Activities that involve all levels     of learning...Hearing, seeing       and touching.  

Hi everyone!! My name is Faraz and I started tutoring 7 months ago.  I have another business selling used laboratory equipment but business had gotten really slow.  Prior to this, I was working full time.  I was laid off and that was fine because I was doing well in my business selling used lab equipment.  Anyway with the down economy, I just didn't have the sales I used to have and money was running thin.  I have always worked full time and kept the part time business so was doing OK for myself.     I got the idea to start tutoring.  Initially I started applying at different tutoring companies.  They all paid about 20-22/hour.  I would do all the work they were getting all the money.  I knew this wasn't going to work.  I have always been somewhat independent.  I have always enjoyed making something out of nothing.  I did that with my lab equipment business.  I thought I would try it here as well.  Anyway... read more

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