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How to teach students to spell the homonyms: there, they're and their: ' 1)THERE:  THERE contains the word HERE.  If you can substitute the word HERE in the sentence, use THERE.                 Example:  Put the chair over there.  ("Put the chair over here" makes sense. Therefore, use THERE in this instance).    2) THEY'RE:  Contraction for "THEY ARE".  If you can substitute "they are" in the sentence, use they're.                      Example:  They're going to a party. ("They are going to a party" makes sense.  Therefore, use THEY'RE in this instance).   3)THEIR:  THEIR contains the word "heir" which denotes ownership. Make sure the student understands the definition of the word "heir".  Use "heir: in a sentence. (The prince was HEIR... read more

Hey everyone!     So I really wanted to talk about something I find very important, especially for those learning to master the English language. I realized that the minimal emphasis on spelling in public schools led to a major fault in the younger generation's writing skills. I found that unless a child reads often, it's hard  for them to determine what "there" one might be talking about. Often times, students may know the context of where to place the word in a spoken sentence, however not choose the correct spelling of the term in written sentences.  Being able to spell properly and maintain good grammar is something essential to children for the rest of their lives -- be it writing essays for school or applying for grants/scholarships, sending letters, filling out job applications, or even having to teach others. As parents, teachers, or educators I believe that spelling tests should still be in full effect to separate words with multiple meanings... read more

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