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I've been an educator for nearly 20 years, first as a high school history and language teacher, and now more than ten years as a private tutor and study coach. I have spent thousands of hours, one-on-one, with students in middle school, high school, and college, and I have zeroed in on some simple and concrete strategies for helping them manage their independent studies. As schools begin to close down for extended periods, sometimes moving to remote instruction, a great portion of the responsibility for learning is now in the students' hands. Self-management will be crucial in making these studies effective, and I believe the strategies below will prove useful. So without further ado - How To Succeed In School Without Teachers (Or A School)   Creating a plan that is SPECIFIC is key. Sit down, and on paper or screen answer these questions: WHEN will I do my work? First, sketch out a broad plan for the coming week using Google calendar... read more

1. Colors help the brain absorb information better. It also makes any subject at hand more interesting and appealing to the eye. 2. Note taking should never be a duty, I like to incorporate fun ways to write out notes that'll help with memory. 3. Music to set a relaxing but stimulating mood for the student. 4. Every 15 minutes, students need a quick break from focus to keep their attitude positive and upbeat.  5. The finish line should always be promising and have a silver lining. I like to let my students have something to look forward to when they complete their task at hand. 

Hey all!    When it comes to tutoring sessions I think that it is so important for students to be engaged with the lesson.  Through my experience in teaching middle school I know that the more excited your kids are about learning the better it is!   Here's what I do: 1. Develop a report with the students- creating that bond is important for students to trust you to succeed.   2.  Make games out of homework help and studying- who said you had to sit and just memorize words! Lets make a game out of it!   3.  Relate the school work to real like- honestly, its hard to see the point of geometry for kids in middle school, but if you make the lessons and the work something related to their own life then they may be more interested.   4.  Keep it light!  Lessons dont have to be serious buckle down work- lets make it fun and talk about the text.   5.  Respect- I respect all my... read more

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