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It has been an extremely busy several weeks. My Guitar book is out in print & ebook form. It is doing very well and has now received endorsements from the guitarist on American Idol and The Voice. It has also been reviewed by a number of Nashville recording session musicians and is getting great response. I did quite a lot of arranging in Nov. & Dec. including pieces for orchestra & choir (premiered in Houston), string arrangements for Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area and also McKinney Memorial Church where my "Little Drummer Boy" arrangement was very successful for concerts. I also performed with the McKinney ensembles. Another recent development has been my playing (guitar, co-directing and arranging for the Joshua Experience Big Band. I did a big band version of my song "Moonlit" that they played last Sunday and it went very well. The same arrangement was purchased by a college in Il. for a jazz series concert in Feb. 2014... read more

"As a guitar player, I am always looking for new resources to help me get better at my craft. I have gone through book after book that held some good tips for improving my playing. Some better than others. I have been playing the guitar for 40 years now and still consider myself a rhythm hack. I must confess that I do not spend the time like I should but that is another article. A friend of mine recently released a book titled Guitar Tips - What Every Guitar Player Should Know. I love this guitar manual for a ton of reasons. It's practical, easy to follow and gives some great tips for advancing my playing and understanding of music and the instrument I so love. I have a degree in music but often fail to implement the basics of theory in my arranging of worship music. This book is not so much a "how to play the guitar better" as it is a "how to use your guitar in a band setting". Ric F. is an amazing guitarist, performer, arranger, musician, composer,... read more

Some people like Blues, I prefer Jazz and Fusion; some people like the 70s, I prefer the 80s; some people like the feeling, I prefer technical and/or nervous bands. What's important when you play an instrument is being open minded and that every kind of music, when we talk about music, deserves to be learnt and played almost once, because it has something to teach.   A alguien le gusta el Blues,, yo prefiero el Jazz y la Fusion; a alguien le gustan los anos 70, yo prefiero los anos 80; a alguien le gusta la musica de sentimiento, yo prefiero la tecnica y nerviosa. Pero lo que es importante cuando se toca es ser abierto con su mente y que cada tipo de musica, cuando hablamos de musica, merece de ser aprendido y tocado una vez, por que tiene algo que ensenar.   A qualcuno piace il Blues, io preferisco il Jazz e la Fusion; a qualcuno piacciono gli anni 70, io preferisco gli anni 80; a qualcuno piace la musica di sentimento, io preferisco la musica tecnica e/o... read more

Tonight someone told I should promote my music. In San Francisco, the land of Bay Area Thrash Metal, someone told me to promote my Thrash Metal songs. At first, I was very pleased to hear that; second, it was very nice that another person that studies music suggested me. Thank you Zack, I really appreciated it!!! Just give me the time to finish to record those three songs and you'll have a chance to listen to them carefully.   Questa sera qualcuno mi ha detto che dovrei promuovere la mia musica. In San Francisco, la terra del Bay Area Thrash Metal, qualcuno mi ha detto di promuovere i miei pezzi Thrash Metal. Prima di tutto, mi ha fatto molto piacere; in secondo luogo e' stato bello sentirmelo suggerire da una persona che studia musica. Grazie Zack, l'ho apprezzato davvero. Dammi il tempo di registrare quelle tre canzoni e avrai la possibilita' di ascoltarle attentamente.   Esta noche alguien me dijo "Nick, deberias promover tu musica". En San Francisco,... read more

I'd like to thank Fabio Casali and Lorenzo Tipa for all those things they taught me, and for introducing me into Jazz, Fusion and Funk. I've always played Heavy/Thrash Metal and Hard Rock but everything I learnt in their lessons definitely opened my mind. Thank you guys, you Rock!!!   Vorrei ringraziare Fabio Casali e Lorenzo tipa  per tutto quello che mi hanno insegnato, e per avermi iniziato al Jazz, alla Fusion ed al Funk. Ho sempre suonato Heavy/Thrash Metal e Hard Rock but tutto quanto ho imparato nelle loro lezioni mi ha sicuramente aperto le vedute. Grazie ragazzi, you Rock!!!   Quiero decir gracias a Fabio Casali y Lorenzo Tipa por todo le que me ensenaron, y por introducirme en el Jazz, Fusion y Funk. He siempre tocado Heavy/Thrash Metal y Hard Rock pero todo lo que he aprendido en sus clases me ha abierto la cabeza. Gracias chicos, you Rock!!!

I have completed my Guitar Manual. The manual will also be turned into a video series. The manual is not meant as an exhaustive study on guitar or theory, but a 30 page manual on "what has worked for Ric" in years of recording studio work and performing as a sideman and artist. My hope is that the concept of "your hands will work about as good as what your head knows" will lead more guitarist to want to be better overall musicians as well.

When the harmony dictates that the chord should be C, then the most important notes of resolution and repose are C, E and G. These are the notes of the C Major chord. C D E F G A B C So we think about ways to come to rest. We can simply stay at rest, by just playing chord tones (arpeggios) C E G C G E E C G E G C G C E G E C We can connect the chord tones: C D E E D C E F G G F E G A B C C B A G We can alternate from chord tone to non-chord tone C B C C D C E D E E F E G F G G A G Any of the atomic approaches above can be combined in an endless variety ways. Also Note that the non-chord tones are B, D, F and A, which for the B minor b5 chord. It is logical, and helpful to think of the resolutions for the non-C (bm7b5) chord tones to the C chord tones.

Greetings Music Lovers and welcome to my first blog posting on WyzAnt! This is a great place for us to share tips, tricks and anything else of a general nature that you have found helpful with your music and would like to share with others. It's also a great place to ask general questions seeking advice and feedback from the community. I look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions! Daniel

I will come to your house to improve your skills in the tutoring areas mentioned. All you need is the right equipment and/or software and we'll start from there. Life is too short, learn something that you have the desire to learn now. Years of experience in these fields and awards in some of these fields backup for my work. We'll start at the beginning then move along to where you see yourself being happy. I set up my tutoring to fit each students needs and aspirations. So lets get started, what are you waiting for? Check out my profile at

As I mentioned in my profile, I prefer to teach from a different perspective than most teachers. If you want to just learn some songs on your instrument - of course I can teach them to you! I can easily turn them into something you can relate to and get under your fingers quickly =) My real specialty, however, is how I teach music theory - both to its students and to students of guitar / bass / piano. Usually, when you learn music theory you start with some preconceptions. There are notes, for instance - twelve of them. You can use these notes to form all kinds of structures - seven note scales, three or four part chords, two note intervals, etc. These various structures are given names, like "Major," "Minor," "Perfect," "Augmented," "Diminished," etc. You know that a Major chord sounds happy and uplifting. You know that a Minor chord sounds sad and depressing. But in all of your lessons, with all... read more

Beginning guitarists are often intimidated by bar chords, but they become easier quickly with practice. A quick tip-make the chord form FIRST, THEN make the bar with the index-this is easier, especially for beginners.

I am excited to be back in New York for the summer. A few students are joining me for lessons while I am here who have been waiting to see me in person and a few who have been with me on Skype while I have been out of town as well. The flamenco students and songwriters working on new songs will all be a pleasure to see again. If you guys are reading this thanks for all your hard work. Your efforts are an inspiration to me. If you are a prospective new student, get in touch and let's make some music or learn to speak Portuguese, brush up on your English, Spanish or music history. Here's to New York in the Summertime!

As a teenager growing up in the late 70's and early 80's, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest guitarists of that era. I would put on my favorite albums and try to play the song note for note and I would even attempt the solo of that song as well. Randy Rhoads was my guitar hero and still is to this day. He died in a plane cash in 1982 at the young age of 25. When I heard "Crazy Train" for the very first time I was blown away. The raking of the strings to the monstrous guitar riff intro, incredible. I wanted to be the next Randy Rhoads. Practicing for hours just trying to learn his style I knew that someday I would be able to play like that. Randy recorded 2 albums with Ozzy "Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman". In those days there wasn't "Youtube" or the internet for that matter. I would go to the local music store to try to find music books. What I did learn from this was how to take a chance. Learning an instrument... read more

Although I hold an Associate of Arts as well as Associate of Science degree from Cuyahoga Community College and have tutored college chemistry and physics there, I have no degrees, per se, in music. However, I am proficient at sight-reading and have taken music courses at Cleveland Music Settlement as well as Cuyahoga Community College in both guitar and piano. My studies have included the study of Classic Guitar. Over the years, I have observed how the music instructors who taught me, interacted with their students. The approach, I felt, overall, was impersonal and uncreative. I'd come to class. They'd watch me stumble over a guitar piece I was attempting to master, and would look at me and nod. Occasionally, they'd point to a part of the guitar and made some suggestion or other. They were, in a word, "detached". Aloof, inside their little cubicle, and inaccessible to me. Rarely, did any of them perform any initial assessment of what I knew or didn't know about guitar. Consequently,... read more

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share that I have my first guitar student! He is 5, and apparently is very musically inclined. I'm looking forward to meeting him and his parents and seeing how his lessons go. We're going to start with 30 minute sessions and cover all sorts of musical stuff, like rhythms, beats, notes, chords...all that good stuff. Hopefully we'll have ourselves the next guitar prodigy!

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