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If you want to draw a perfect circle, square, triangle, etc., there's a keyboard shortcut that makes it easy! Navigate to the Microsoft Office application you want to use - we'll use PowerPoint for this example. On the Insert ribbon, click Shapes, then click on the shape you want ("oval," for example). If you're using an Office 2003 or earlier application, use the Insert menu. Click on the slide and hold down the mouse button. Press SHIFT and then drag the mouse down and to the right. When the shape is as large as you want it, release the mouse button. NOTES If you want to draw an oval or rectangle (as opposed to a perfect circle or perfect square), just don't hold down the SHIFT key when dragging. This works for 2-dimensional shapes, like circles, squares, triangles, stars, trapezoids, etc. (as opposed to lines, which are 1-dimensional).

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