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One of my clients purchased the rights to add animation to their listing of email clients. No problem, sort of. The animation program that had to be used was one called Animatron. I had never herd of the program but the client is, you guessed it, always right. Therefore, as part of my job to answer the needs of my client, I had a four day window to learn the program. New things happen and one must adapt quickly. The tip here is, understand that there are like things that appear in different computer programs, that make cross platform learning easier, than one might think at first glance.

Time files when you are knee deep in Photoshop, so it’s a good practice to walk away from your monitor every 2 hours or so. Set a timer on your cell to remind you. Look out the window, stretch, take a deep breath, get a drink of water before you go back to all those layers & masks.

Recently I had a student ask me "how do I know if my design is just too much for the site i am building?" My response to this was simple. If you have lost the vision of your message you are trying to portray then you need to dial it down.  Sure that is the simple answer right?  Actually to me it is the best answer.  Right no simple is more or at least this is the trend "Flat Designs".  So what if you do not like a flat design and you want something with more pop?  Well you can go as big as you want as long as you do not miss out on the message. The website you are working on is one of the biggest marketing investments a company can make. It has to function, portray a message to grab a clients attention and be easy to follow and understand.  Sounds complex right?  Well not really the whole Idea is to turn visitors into Clicks and conversions.  So if the site has great meaningful content but is simple you will get conversions... read more

Do you want somebody guide you to discover the journey of Chinese language, Chinese traditional culture and art? Here I am. Hello, I am an art designer. I was born and raised in Beijing, China (in Chinese, say I am a Beijinger). I have taught foreigner to speak conversational Chinese for 6 years. I created a special way which is according to the “Chinese Oracle bone script” to help them understand the meaning of Chinese character and to help to how to write the Chinese character.  You will find it is easy and interesting to learn Chinese. If you are interested in the Chinese traditional culture and art, I also can teach you the Chinese ink painting and to help you to know more about the Chinese traditional culture and art. I also can cook quite delicious Chinese food, if you want to learn it, call me too.   [*The “Chinese Oracle bone script” is the earliest known form of Chinese writing, dating from about 1200–1050 B.C.  It is... read more

Just like any career, being a graphic designer has its ups and downs. You can work with the best of people and on a rare occasion, the not so best of people. More often than not, you'll get the people who respect what you do and then the others who think you sit behind a desk and simply push buttons. Even after 13 years of experience, I still get the occasional inquiry that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Graphic design is a field for highly creative people. Although anyone can dream of becoming a designer, not everyone can succeed at it. I strongly believe that creativity cannot be taught, it’s innate – you either have it or you don’t. A person’s expertise or learned knowledge plays a valuable role, as they need to be familiar with the most popular creative productivity tools in the industry. These include applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (Creative Suite). Being a graphic designer gives you the freedom to explore your creative thoughts.... read more

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