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There are so many changes happening in the field of education, and teachers need to keep up with the trends. Some of the changes include: - Common Core Curriculum - 21st Century Skills - New Teacher Evaluations - New Testing Formats New York State is on the cutting edge of these changes, and there are many great resources for parents and students. I try to stay on the cutting edge, too, and I have compiled many of these resources for use by my students and parents.

What a way to start off the New Year! First I met with a student for US History and Living Environment. She is taking the Regents exams in three weeks. When I first met with her, Cee had a fear of taking exams, and was very nervous. She struggled with understanding both subjects; the Historical Events and dates, as well as the vocabulary words for Biology. Her next struggles were understanding and answering the document based questions for US History and the short responses for LE. Now she answers them much more confidently and accurately, and has even improved in writing her document based and thematic essays for US History. I am so proud of her and is certain that she will pass both Regents exams. Then I met with my grade 4 student for Math, English Language Art and Science. He has gone from scoring 31% to 83% on his practice science exam. He is much more confident with doing Math and ELA assignments. I am so proud of him. Then it was on to my grade 6 Math student. When I... read more

Hi Everyone! I am excited to to say that I met my first student. He was awesome! One thing I will do to help improve the lessons is to use the ideas in "Comprehension Going Forward: Where We Are and What's Next" which has one of my favorite authors in it. I hope that her ideas improve my ability to be effect. Also, I want to say that my student's family is so nice. I was honored to be accepted into their presence.

Have you always struggled with spelling words correctly? Would you be lost without the spell-check feature? There is one trick with spelling that I have taught students young and old: Find the word within the word that you know how to spell, then work on the parts you don't know. For example, the word reconfigure. You may not know how to spell configure or figure, but maybe you know how to spell fig. Start with that simple word and add onto it. Most know the spelling of "re-", and the word "con-". Now you have reconfig-. If you sound out the ending, you should be able to add the '-ure" without any trouble. Unfortunately for many, this "trick" isn't even considered until later in life and many have already become super reliant on the spell-check (our technological savvy generation, right?). Tackle those big words one little step at a time. Take those bigger words apart to make smaller pieces, and you'll be on your way to better spelling...

WyzAnt asks: "Would you be interested in helping us by creating academic content and lessons in your areas of expertise?" And I can answer enthusiastically, "YES!" This would be a great way to give students or potential students an entry into the important issues and concepts of my subjects. For example, people often think that writing is extremely hard. But I have developed some methods to get started and to keep going. I'd really like to share what I know and spread the word. There is not a magic formula, and certainly not a secret recipe, to learning how to write a decent sentence, paragraph, and paper. The more knowledge is disseminated, the better!

It seems this is another push where teachers would not get paid. When there is a cancellation, I lose the expected pay.  During the summer months, that may be as much as 3-400/week.  Like many tutors, my fee includes:  prep time per lesson, (20m- 1h) + travel time, and get paid only for the hours I am present with the student. I also purchase supplies often at cost to me. I cannot afford to work for free. I hope teachers don't buy in to and help perpetuate this problem. I am not disgruntled, I love the work I do; but I am a justice advocate; my hourly fee really doesn't amount to a lot when all the time spent including loss of income when there is a cancellation, is  factored in.

It's ChristmasTime! Can you believe another year will soon be over? As we reflect on this years events and look forward to a bright new year, keep your childs' education in mind. There are so many opportunities we all need to take advantage of. There are so many educational games, cards, books, and even dvd's that would make great stocking stuffers, events to broaden your childs' mind and time spent just talking. And of course, your weekly tutoring sessions! During this free time between the holidays, I will be available and ready to work around your busy Christmas and New Years schedules. They have been working hard, but the long haul will be coming in January. Let's not slack now. Keep them sharp and ready for new challenges. Call, text, email, we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. As always, I am looking forward to working with you and your child in the coming New Year. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Q. Where will we meet for tutoring? A. We will try to find a suitable place that is convenient for both of us. Though I do travel to meet you, time and distance are important factors in making this work feasible and profitable for me, so I try to find locations that minimize my travel time, while also providing convenience to you. Q. How will we decide on a time to meet? A. We will try to find a suitable time that is convenient for both of us. Q. When are you available to tutor? A. It varies from week to week, but my general availability begins at 10:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and ends at 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and at 3:00 pm Saturday. Please contact me for my current availability. Q. How long will each session be? A. The session length can vary, depending on the subject, the student, and the schedule. Unless otherwise agreed, the session times will be two (2) hours each. Q. Why do you recommend two (2) hours per session? A. Through... read more

Once you decide that you or your child needs tutoring, how much tutoring time do you really need? There are so many things occupying your time that you want to pinpoint exactly how many hours a week you need. You may not know how to judge you/ your child’s needs. This article gives you four tips to help you decide how much tutoring you need. 1. Grades and test scores. K – 12 students take standardized tests – sometimes more than one each year – that can tell you about how well your child is doing in school. Collect any score reports you have and review the remarks and the charts. This is especially helpful if you have more than one year’s worth. Compare the charts from several years’ worth of score reports. Is your child improving, or are scores going down each year? Are they staying the same? Declining scores indicates students are not keeping up with classmates academically. While their scores might be consistent, students should be earning higher scores to be performing “at... read more

Many teachers and tutors use television, radio, and other media to give students exposure to a language they're learning (English especially, as it's the most proliferated.) They can be a little bit helpful sometimes, but can be useless and even harmful most of the time. Remember the objective of these outlets is to SELL PRODUCTS. Every second of air time has a premium price tag, and there are consequences in using these as teaching aids: - They talk very FAST. When they're paying for air time, they want to get all the necessary information across as quickly as possible. --Makes it hard to understand. - They use linguistic shortcuts, slang, and idioms a lot. --If you are not a native speaker and cannot be familiar with all the cultural contexts and innuendo, the meaning of the language is lost or skewed. - They use humor. Sarcasm, satire, and puns are especially ESL "unfriendly." --The meaning is lost, and the language can be confusing. Only more advanced... read more

I am fully aware that English is one of those subjects students tend to either love or hate. Personally, I'm a lover of all things English; literature, grammar, language arts and so on. I attained my Bachelor's degree in English with a double major in History, another of my loves. Though I am not a teacher by trade, I've discovered through the years that I'm a darn good one. I can help any type of student; children, adults, lovers and haters of English and grammar. I am very well-read and possess a strong understanding of grammar; thus, I am able to connect with students of all ages and skill sets. Whether you need help with English literature classes, grammar or learning English as a second language, I will be able to not only connect with you, but also guide you through your learning journey.

One day in college, my favorite professor approached me at my desk. She spoke in a hoarse whisper. "I need your help today. Will you please teach the class for me?" Who, me? I looked around at my fellow students, who were getting seated and unpacking their notebooks. This was hands-down my favorite class of the semester, an expository writing class. Teach? "Laryngitis," she croaked, pointing at her throat. She flashed a grin of confidence and leaned in closer. "Can I count on you? I know you can do it!" Looking back, that afternoon changed the course of my life. I don't remember how that class went, but I do remember that it lit a serious spark in my spirit. I started work as a tutor almost immediately, at first working in the National Center on Deafness (NCOD), which was located on my campus, which was California State University, Northridge. I also met with that professor to discuss the possibility of getting a teaching... read more

The above-referenced subjects include different-aged PreK-College student needs I have experienced at the beginning of each school year since Fall 2010, when I first began tutoring in earnest via WyzAnt, instead of substituting daily for lesser pay in 18 area elementaries in our school district. I am not including higher math (Grade 7 and above) in my math tutoring experience. I also have helped adults with ESL/ESOL, general and academic reading/writing/comprehension/test preparation as well as public speaking for different-sized audiences, sometimes at-the-last-minute before "the big presentation day".

I keep students motivated during the summer by treating the summer months no differently than the fall, winter, or spring. As a homeschooler, I have the option of doing so. I school year-round because I don't believe in breaks in learning. My husband is a public school teacher and complains every year about his students' loss of skills during the summer. I suggested telling the parents to treat learning as a life skill rather than something their children do from September-June. We all should always be learning those things which will help us throughout our lives regardless of age or season. Instill a love of learning and knowledge at an early age and continue to nurture it, and you will never have to worry about motivating a student, again.

Greetings learners, I'm back with another tip in learning. Now! How many of you leave your house without an Umbrella knowing there is going to be rain? Most likely none of you would make that mistake. Well it's the same in learning. Before you come to any session, be organized. 1.Firstly, eat a good breakfast or lunch. 2. Have all materials needed e.g Pens,pencils,work from school etc. Good Luck!

Hello! My name is Kathleen (Kathy). I came across WyzAnt, and I feel like it is exactly what I have been looking for! I have always excelled at all things English. I love spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, teaching computer skills, etc. I am fascinated by language and by the choices people use to express themselves. I would love the opportunity to help a student feel more confident in all subjects related to English. I also worked as an Executive Assistant for many years, and am very proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, and find them to be a great deal of fun once you get used to them. Technology is moving so fast, and keeping up with the latest software versions is crucial to surviving in today's workplace. I would love to meet you and see if there are some subjects I would be able to assist you with for your future success.

Hi, I'm a new tutor to this site. Within the past few days, I've been working on getting certified in as many subjects as possible. These are all of the subjects I'm certified to tutor in on the website. Most of the subjects are in math or science. Some are in English topics as well like in reading and writing, etc. I also am certified to tutor to prepare for a lot of standardized tests and a few common computer software programs people use. Please read my profile if you need a new tutor in the Hillsboro or Portland area! -Ann

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