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Hey everyone!   First and foremost, I love to learn. Ever since I was young, I've always been interested in Academics. I haven't always tried my hardest in school, but it wasn't ever because I didn't understand. I often had the opposite problem; I understood and just wanted to move on. I've always worked to not only gather information, but share it as well.   After I graduated High School (with a 3.54 GPA) I got a job and started working. I was married a year and a half later and couldn't be any happier. I spend my time playing games, solving Rubik's cubes (always training to be faster and faster) and doing homework for my college courses. I'm very "tech-savvy" and enjoy tinkering with electronics.   I love to help others, and have an obsession with fixing problems. I look forward to using this site as a way to continue to do so!

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