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There are three ways to keep up with passwords.   The first way, is to acknowledge you can't keep up with the password and don't bother to remember it.  I've done it with a few websites and frankly I don't have the time to waste.   The second way, is to use the same password with every site.  Problem is, if someone gets the password by hacking a website, you have to change ALL your passwords.   The third and best way is to use a password management system.  I like Keepass, and it's a free download.  Keepass can be stored on a thumbdrive, and easily used on any computer.  There are also apps for tablets and phones that will allow you to use that same database.   I am available to teach you how to download and use Keepass if you need help.

I am a proud teacher! A student of mine, around my age, is an artist who wanted to learn basic computer skills. She learned how to find the pictures of her art on her computer. She learned how to sign up to websites, safely. She learned how to attach files to her email, and how to upload them to a website. She went ahead and created an artist profile on Zatista. Two of her paintings where selected for a special show on One Kings Lane One of these was sold yesterday. She amazes me every week. She takes what I teach, explores, and gets creative with it. By the time I come in the next week she shows me how she did a few new things, and has great questions that come out of her own exploration. A curious student - what a gift to the teacher.

Don't we all wish we lived 10 minutes away from our job, school, etc.? Unfortunately, many of us spend a great deal of time sitting on the freeway feeling hopeless and unproductive. Talking and/or texting on your smartphone used to help expedite our commutes but now these activities are mostly illegal. So why not become productive while on the road and learn new skills - by listening to audiobooks! There are a plethora of subjects currently available that can be downloaded onto CD-ROMs, iPods, MP3 players, etc. I almost learned a new speaking language just by listening to an audiobook over and over again on my daily hour-long commutes. It is a known fact that learning by repetition works and works well. Absorbing material and understanding simply by osmosis can be highly effective. I encourage anyone who spends time wasting away while sitting in traffic to seek out a topic of interest in audio format and try listening to it while on the road. Even digital documents (i.e., PDF) can... read more

Read. Pick up something and keep the wheels turning. Keeping fresh on news, or just pleasure reading is a skill that needs to be exercised and worked on regularly. Write. Depending on where you are in your academic career, one thing is fairly certain; you will be required to write the deeper you delve into subjects and years of schooling. Writing is learning on a new level. Research. Research something. Take it beyond Google, and do not rely on Wiki. Anyone can publish on Wiki, and some big mistakes happen there. Research and writing work in tandem, get used to it and have fun with it, after all you will learn something this way (and far into the future). Honing your search skill (Booleans, etc.) will pay you back exponentially one day. Learn something or do something new. Find a new hobby or research (see above #3) something new or do something new after looking into it as long as it's safe of course. Set Attainable... read more

For someone who is new to the subject of Home Automation, the hardest choice they have to make is choosing the right controller.  There are several controllers on the market, and new ones are coming out every day. Some popular ones are: MiCasaVerde - Vera 3 and VeraLite – Homeseer - Both of these systems use the Z-Wave protocol in a wireless mesh network to communicate and control devices in your home. There are other systems out there based on the older X10 or the newer Insteon, but they either use the power lines in your home to communicate, or a hybrid of power line and radio signals to communicate. X10 – Insteon – No matter which system you use, each will have its own inherent strengths and weaknesses.  I recommend that you read up on each of the protocols, and decide for yourself which one you are willing to use.  I personally use a Vera 3 to... read more

Spiral learning is a natural way to learn, and was explicitly used by Cherokee Indians in the Americas long before European culture arrived. The technique is probably even much older, and has regained acceptance in recent time. The spiral technique is in contrast to a linear approach, which attempts to provide all the necessary information in a logical argument. With “Spiral Learning” most key concepts are introduced early, but only lightly touched on. Once the big picture is understood, the key concepts are revisited with a little more depth. As the same concepts are examined and used, again and again, more complex situations are applied. Practice in inter-mixed with concept development. Spiral learning works well with pattern delivery. Humans have a natural tendency to look for and see patterns. If we see a pattern in a problem, identifying the type of problem often suggests a method to a solution. Patterns can be described in a somewhat standard way:... read more

I combined eight subjects to complete a home-shopping website to post online. If you are a business, creative design, or writing student, you may wish to approach your professors to ask if they would give you credit for this website that you create by using the skills you learn from me and utilizing the subjects above. You will be provided with a template that may take you independently too long a time to get ready for your class. Your lessons with me will enable you to focus while co-piloting until you are ready to pilot the craft. I have already completed the entirety of steps (at least four lessons worth and maybe more) that it takes to get your novelties ideas open on the web. You can get ideas from your courses and incorporate them into the business at hand. Ask about it. The price for these lessons are higher than my normal rate and is $50.00 an hour.

Please review my profile credentials to see if I am a candidate for your tutoring needs. With both a master's degree in special education and several years of hands on experience in a variety of work environments, my education and experience make me a flexible individual who is readily available to discuss your tutoring needs. I enjoy working with individuals of all ages, and have consistently had a tremendous rapport with all age groups. Please advise me if you feel that I am the right person to assist you. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Deb R.

When interviewing a prospective tutor, parents should ask about the tutor's skills and experience, and find out if the tutor truly enjoys teaching. When the tutor feels enthusiastic about the subject, and communicates well, the student has an opportunity to learn to enjoy the subject too. I recommend for parents to observe the first lesson to see the tutor's skills in action, and watch/listen carefully to future lessons when possible, to make sure the tutor has an encouraging, supportive attitude at all times. (Tutors should welcome and respond positively to the child's questions, and NEVER make the child feel "stupid," no matter what.) It is most important to have a safe and quiet place for studying, without distractions. I like to find a quiet table at a library, and work with students there. I welcome suggestions from parents, and I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching skills.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. (Aristotle) This quote provokes me never to accept the status quo and always challenge assumptions. It is the thought that through education we never stop learning or seeking after truth and knowledge.

Congratulations to MADISON for her dedication and good grades in her challenging business classes. Madison, we're proud of you for doing a great job--it looks like you're going to get A's and B's in all of your classes. Since you are taking some very challenging subjects, passing them all and getting good grades is a praiseworthy accomplishment on your part!

Congratulations to CHRIS, for getting A's in some very challenging business courses. You are taking a heavy load of classes, plus you have other multiple responsibilities. You deserve a lot of credit for your good work in your Information Systems, Financial Accounting II, Management, and other classes. You're headed for success. Keep up the good work!

In a recent article titled “Tutors and Virtual Schools: How Can They Help?” (November 2, 2012) I summarized several ways tutors can help students improve their chances for virtual school success. As a former virtual – hybrid schoolteacher where students attended online classes three days a week and received face – to – face instruction from teachers the other two days, I noted several important factors that led to successful virtual school transitions. This article covers four of these areas to help parents make the virtual school decision. 1. Adult supervision. Adult supervision is key to virtual student success! Typically, a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult, signs a document stating they will serve as the student’s “learning coach” (or similar label). Learning coaches are responsible for making sure students attend online classes, complete daily assignments, turns in their completed work on time, and follows any written curriculum or pacing guides. Virtual students need... read more

Q. Where will we meet for tutoring? A. We will try to find a suitable place that is convenient for both of us. Though I do travel to meet you, time and distance are important factors in making this work feasible and profitable for me, so I try to find locations that minimize my travel time, while also providing convenience to you. Q. How will we decide on a time to meet? A. We will try to find a suitable time that is convenient for both of us. Q. When are you available to tutor? A. It varies from week to week, but my general availability begins at 10:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and ends at 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and at 3:00 pm Saturday. Please contact me for my current availability. Q. How long will each session be? A. The session length can vary, depending on the subject, the student, and the schedule. Unless otherwise agreed, the session times will be two (2) hours each. Q. Why do you recommend two (2) hours per session? A. Through... read more

Microsoft PowerPoint is designed to facilitate the creation of on-line presentations. Whatever your current knowledge, I will tailor your lessons based on your educational needs. I believe that my 20+ years of experience with the Microsoft Suite and with people of all ages enables me to provide you with the best possible lessons and guidance to the best of my ability. PowerPoint is a valuable tool for: school projects/presentations, corporate presentations, digital scrapbooking, and more...Items created using Word and/or Excel can be incorporated into presentations.

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