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My students know what makes me special. Here's why:   1. When I go to a session I try to wear something that somehow fits with the topic, and I explain it. For example, I have what I call "accounting shirts" that I wear for my accounting students. They look like they are printed on old-fashioned accounting paper and students are always amused to hear that the work was once done that way. 2. I work hard on my handout sheets, especially for young students, with memorable symbols and comedic graphics to help teach them. Sometimes it works with adults too! 3. One word- acronyms. The funnier the acronyms, the easier it is to memorize something with them. 4. I have my secret weapon-- advanced Power Point skills where I give a customized lesson for particular students. I get paid nothing extra for my time spent doing this voluntarily, but look at my success rate. 5. If gimmicks are not working, I notice the negative reaction immediately and I don't waste... read more

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