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Buckle up readers, it's Trig time! Trigonometry can be scary to many students, and in my opinion, a lot of that is because one of the most confusing concepts in trigonometry occurs right at the very beginning, in the form of the Unit Circle and Radians. Let's start at the beginning. Give yourself a circle with a radius of 1.  Now center that circle on the origin of a coordinate plane, so that the line of the circle itself passes through the points (1,0) (0,1) (-1,0) and (0, -1). Got that? Now, this circle is referred to as the Unit Circle, because the radius is one unit and it is therefore easier for us to do various manipulations and calculations with it. Now choose any point on the circle (we'll call the coordinates of that point (x,y)), draw the radius to it (which will still be a length of 1), and drop a line back perpendicular to one of the axes. Do that and you'll have a right triangle with the... read more

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