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I invite all students who are faltering in Mathematics, from Algebra through Calculus, to get help as soon as possible. The right kind of skilled help, which gives you INSIGHT and thus understanding, can build your confidence and raise your level of achievement. That's what you want to do--because those who do not address these issues usually experience disappointment and failure, and the effects of failure have a significant impact on your life, such as lowering self-esteem and interfering with your plans for college and career. That's why I tutor--to help you. All of my customers experience marked improvement. I wish the same for you. Kenneth S.

Ken B. in Houston, Texas - known as the "Best Little Tutor In Texas" has surpassed another WyzAnt tutoring milestone by going over the 600th tutoring hour for WyzAnt. All subjects in mathematics and science, high school or college, are done by Ken except biology and biochemistry. Ken has now worked with many many students to help them work on their own and be able to do well on homework, basic studies, tests, and special projects. So, if you are in need of someone in Houston and the surrounding areas who can do all levels of mathematics, plus chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, Ken is the one to contact.

Ken B in Houston, Texas, better known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas" has just surpassed the 500th hour of tutoring for WyzAnt. For any subject or combination of subjects dealing with mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, he is the one-man-source. His diversified expertise and ability to simplify complex subject for students makes him a par-excellent source for student's studies.

When I was a College Freshman, I was taking my last semester of German Language Lab from a Linguistics Grad Student. While talking about who we were and what we did, I mentioned learning Fortran in High School. He had a major Linguistics paper to write, in a hurry, and it appeared to be suitable for computer assistance. Problem: he didn't know how to program. So I offered to tutor him, a teacher at least 4 years older than myself. We negotiated a fixed charge for my tutoring, now worth about $160. I said I'd figure out how to do it with him, and show him enough Fortran to do the project and print out the results, guaranteed. This was a long time ago, long, long before computers could understand enough English to answer phones, or splice together recorded words and so on to even speak a telephone number for Directory Assistance. So although what the Grad Student actually did may sound trivial by today's standards, it wasn't then: it was a first step in a very long road toward... read more

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