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Important Force terms Force: A push or pull on an object resulting from an interaction with another object. Contact forces arise from direct contact between objects. In other words, objects must actually be touching Field forces require no contact (example: magnetism and gravity). Field forces do not require objects be touching one another. Net Force: In this case, net means "all". When we talk about a Net Force, we are talking about the result of adding all of the forces acting on an object together. Unbalanced Force This is the result of all of the forces not canceling each other out. Simply consider a textbook sitting on a desk. Clearly, as the book is at rest on the desk, it is easy to realize that the weight (force) of the object is balanced out by the desk pushing (force) on the book. Force due to Gravity The gravitational field of the earth pulls on all objects with mass. It is this "pulling force" that... read more

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