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I am a firm believer that technology is the way to a learners heart. We are a society that lives and breathes technology. When we get some new technology 'toy', who can program it, get the settings done quicker, and find the awesome games that are a part of it first? Yes, of course, it is your child. Children are natural techno geeks. Why not use their love for it to increase their Reading fluency and skills.    The links below are just a few items that can help you support your student(s) in their quest for Reading excellent on the iPad.    Using iPads to Improve Reading   15 of the Best Educational apps to Improve Reading   Fluency Timer Pro   One Minute Reader App   I would love to hear your thoughts, obstacles, successes, favorite apps, etc. regarding Reading using technology.    Cara

Lexile and You Does it seem like you are always hearing that word?  Your child is below his or her Lexile?  They need to be at a 540 or at a 1080?  What exactly is a Lexile and how can you make it work for you?   Lexile is a reading meta-matrix that actually takes reading material and assigns it "value".  The "value" is referred to as its Lexile score or simply as its Lexile.  It is simply a numerical device for charting reading material.  As with all reading values, there are anticipated levels each student will reach at each grade.  You will hear them referred to as benchmarks.  They also have other names and phrases teachers use, though.  Perhaps you have heard expressions like 'just right books', or 'on level', or 'on grade level'.  These are all used to refer to books meeting Lexile expectations.  Not all books are created equal in the Lexile system.  Higher value is awarded to non-fiction,... read more

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