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Believe it or not, tutors are nervous about meeting the new student(s) during the first session. It is very similar to the first day of school. You're getting a new crop of young minds, waiting to be molded into productive young adults. There is a nervous excitement, wanting to put out that all important great first impression. As a math tutor, I bring with me a notebook (I work out the problems alongside the student many times so they can compare and find any errors, if needed). I bring multiple writing utensils (mostly pencils). I bring any and all materials I have that may relate to what is being covered. For instance, I have old copies of the Glencoe Algebra I and Geometry textbooks (teacher's editions). If either is relevant, I bring it along. As for a student, the most important thing to bring for that first session is materials from the class thus far. Since you are requesting the assistance of a tutor, that means there is a current struggle with the current content of some... read more

The first thing you as a student should do to prepare for your first visit with your Tutor, is to gather all of the correspondence you have between your Teacher or Professor and yourself.  Key items would be a syllabus, or a list of things your Teacher or Professor expects you to accomplish during your course.  This list should include a list or chart of how the grading will be assessed for that course.  If any of this is no longer in your possession, get a new copy and protect it.    The next thing you should do is to gather all of the resources available to you for the course.  These items include textbooks, online links, handouts, and tools.  This should include anything recommended by your Teacher or Professor to help you succeed in the course.  This also should include anything you normally use for that course, even if it was recommended by someone else, such as an adviser.  Have a general idea of what each of these items are... read more

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